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Should You Accept a Water from an Interviewer? How About a Coffee?

Many job seekers understand that bringing a water bottle or coffee with you into an interview is generally considered bad form. It’s a bit too casual for the occasion and can make you appear clumsy if you are trying to carry your drink and a bag while also shaking the interviewer’s hand. However, when you’re… Read More »

Financial Planning Tips Based on Proven Success Strategies

Most people don’t end up in a good financial situation by accident. Instead, they use proven financial planning strategies that set them up for success. This can include finding high-paying jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, ensuring you have a reliable income, as well as other critical steps that support better money management. With that in mind,… Read More »

Three Ways to Help Employees Find Meaning at Work

When it comes to engagement and productivity, companies should never underestimate the power of meaningful work. When professionals feel that their contributions make a difference beyond impacting the company’s bottom line, they are often more adept at facing challenges thanks to the intrinsic reward of being part of something greater than themselves.  The concept doesn’t… Read More »

How to Hire Quickly While Still Hiring Effectively

When you have a vacant position, getting it filled is as quick as possible is typically a priority. After all, an open job means your team may be shorthanded or could hinder overall productivity and profitability.  Even if you want to hire fast, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a right-fit candidate. Putting a… Read More »

The Overlooked Value of Face-To-Face Networking and Why We Need to Get Back to It

In today’s digital world filled with social networks, the idea that networking face-to-face is necessary seems antiquated. After all, with a few simple clicks and some speedy typing, people can connect with other professionals from all across the globe in a matter of minutes. This makes digital networking seem more efficient, leading many to favor… Read More »

Can Your Alumni Network Help You Land Your Next Job or Is Just a Group of Old Buddies?

Most job seekers know that networking can be a critical part of finding jobs in Mentor, Ohio or anywhere else. While many focus on their professional network, college graduates also have access to another resource; their alumni network.  College alumni networks give grads a way to stay connected with other people who attended their school. While some… Read More »

The Key to Coping with Job Rejection: What to Do When You Don’t Get the Job You’re Wanting

When you are trying to land one of the most coveted jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, you might not end up with an offer. Being rejected for a position hurts, and it is difficult not to take it personally. Plus, being told “no” can significantly harm your confidence, and the idea of moving on can seem daunting. … Read More »

How to Build a Workplace Culture Millennials Love

Your company’s culture has a major impact on retention. Millennials are now the largest part of the active workforce, so failing to meet their expectations and address their needs means your company will struggle to keep them on staff.  Building a workplace culture that Millennials will love sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be… Read More »

A Look at the Best Trends on Recognizing Employees for the Success and Achievements

Recognition is a critical component of any company’s culture. Without it, you may struggle to retain your best and brightest employees, as they may feel that their efforts are going unnoticed.  Whether you want to acknowledge the achievements of your permanent team members or accomplishments made by short-term workers you secured through staffing firms in Cleveland,… Read More »

4 Reasons to Consistently Update Your LinkedIn Profile to Maximize Your Personal Branding

Your personal brand can have a big impact on your job search success. Personal branding helps differentiate you from the competition, increasing the odds that you can land one of the more coveted jobs in Solon, Ohio, or anywhere else.  LinkedIn can be an incredible personal branding tool, but only if you use it properly. Consistently… Read More »