What’s an Appropriate Way to Ask if a Company Is Hiring?

In some cases, a job seeker has their eye on a specific company. Many businesses have established themselves as employers of choice, making opportunities to work their incredibly desirable. Additionally, professionals who had short-term roles through temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, may have really enjoyed their experience. When that happens, it’s normal to want to inquire about permanent positions that may be available.

The trick is, you have to approach the situation properly. If you’re trying to figure out an appropriate way to ask if a company is hiring, here are some options.

Tap Your Network

Your network can be a valuable resource, including if you want to find out if a company is hiring. If you have a connection with a person at the target employer, reach out and ask them. As long as your relationship with that member of your network is strong, they may be happy to tell you about what’s available.

If you don’t have a direct connection, look at second-degree contacts. If you find one, you may be able to ask the member of your network to facilitate an introduction. After the introduction, you can exchange some pleasantries and then ask if the company is hiring.

Send an Email

Reaching out by email is an option. Ideally, you want to find the contact details for the hiring manager, something that you may be able to track down through the company’s website, on LinkedIn, or using similar resources. However, an email address for one of the company’s recruiters or HR team members may also do the trick.

Once you find an email, you need to craft a concise but compelling message. Begin by explaining what you love about the company, using a specific example. Next, present a quick value proposition, highlighting how you can help the company excel in a particular way. Then, ask if there are any openings. Finally, close by thanking them for their time, making sure that your contact details are clearly listed after your signature.

You can attach a copy of your resume. Just make sure the file name makes it clear that the document is a resume. Additionally, make sure you add a link to your LinkedIn profile after your signature and contact details.

Work with a Recruiter

Many companies use recruitment agencies to fill vacant positions. By working with a staffing firm, you may be able to access opportunities that aren’t publicly advertised, which can be a boon for any job seeker. Additionally, recruiters may be able to market you to your target employer or companies that bring something similar to the table, even if there isn’t a current opening.

With this approach, you don’t necessarily have to ask the company if they are hiring directly. Instead, you’ll discuss your needs and preferences with an external recruiter, which can feel less awkward. Plus, you may learn about a slew of exciting opportunities, broadening your horizons beyond your initial target.

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