Leading Ways to Promote Innovation and Transparency Among Your Workforce

Mastering the hybrid workplace is challenging. Particularly when it comes to promoting innovation and transparency. Physical distance can make communication difficult to manage and may leave some team members feeling disconnected from their colleagues or managers. Plus, there are fewer natural opportunities for casual brainstorming, idea exchanges, and information sharing. Thus, reducing visibility for everyone.

While it may seem like some of the challenges are insurmountable. That isn’t actually the case. If you want to promote innovation and transparency. Here are some tips that can help.

Use Project Management Tools

Project management tools are ideal for boosting transparency. Hiding one’s actions – or a lack thereof – is incredibly difficult when using project management tools is the norm. The solution serves as the foundation of tracking one’s progress while also being inherently public with those who are involved.

With project management tools, every project member gets insight into the activities of their colleagues. Not only does this increase visibility. It also promotes greater accountability. As people will want to be thought of positively by their colleagues.

Schedule Regular Video Conference Check-Ins

When all or part of your team is remote. Feeling disconnected from one another is normal. In some cases, it can lead to an “us” and “them” mentality. Or it may simply cause some employees to feel left out or invisible.

If the disconnect impacts communication. It can lead to the development of information silos. In turn, transparency is harmed, as not everyone is privy to all of the critical details.

One of the simplest ways to overcome this challenge is with regular video conference check-in calls. Not only does this approach ensure everyone person is actually seen.  It can also help build a sense of comradery. Plus, it’s a natural platform for ensuring everyone is fully up to speed, increasing transparency.

Encourage Constructive Conversations

Innovation often occurs during active discussions among team members. Since a hybrid workforce limits opportunities for vigorous debate. It’s wise to use technology to create space for these conversations.

Let your team know that using any company-provided communication resources for brainstorming isn’t just allowable, but actively encouraged. Also, create designated spaces for sharing ideas whenever they occur. With the latter. You’re essentially crafting a central repository for any notion an employee may have that isn’t currently part of a discussion. It reduces the odds that the idea will be forgotten and gives other team members a chance to reflect on it before speaking with their colleagues once more.

Just make sure that you create some ground rules for these conversations. At times, discord occurs when people are debating the merits of an idea. As a result, it’s crucial to remind everyone of the importance of remaining professional. Thereby, ensuring every conversation is constructive in the end.

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