2023 Talent Outlook for Mechanical Engineer Jobs

It’s hard to understate how incredibly tight the labor market is for quality mechanical Engineers. One contributing factor to the demand for these talented professionals is the sheer pace of innovation in engineering technology which makes finding the best and brightest talent an imperative. 

Are you interested in working as a mechanical engineer? Keep reading to discover what skills you should highlight to rise to the top of the resume pile. In addition, this article will give some insight on what employers are looking for when they hire a mechanical engineer. 

Current Employment Trends for Mechanical Engineers  

Mechanical engineering jobs are still one of the most competitive fields for engineering talent. Many employers consider candidates with less than ten years of experience to be junior or mid-level engineers The most attractive aspect of this field is that it offers a tremendous number of opportunities. 

There are currently around 82,000 openings on PayScale’s mechanical engineer job listings in the U.S., and Vector Technical is consistently looking to hire mechanical engineers. This upward trend for mechanical engineers is advantageous for candidates looking for great pay and lots of options. 

There are many reasons for the spike in demand for engineering talent. As foreign competition increases and more countries develop technologically, the need for more talented engineers will also rise. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 15% increase in job postings for mechanical engineers between 2016 and 2026 

Top Soft and Hard Skills Mechanical Engineers Need  

Despite the demands for skilled engineers, employers want to hire dedicated individuals. Mechanical engineers must be able to demonstrate their ability to think critically and recognize problems before they occur. In addition, mechanical engineers must have the ability to understand advanced concepts, including computer science, math and physics. 

On the hard skills side, the most in-demand engineers may also have a high level of knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), 3D modeling, ProE and SolidWorks to grow their careers. 

On the soft skills side, mechanical engineers must show their dedication to teamwork and critical thinking, as well as their ability to manage projects, effectively communicate with clients, and handle large amounts of information. 

While there is likely be some overlap in the job descriptions for many roles, but these are some of the top skills and attributes employers look for in mechanical engineers. 

Career Paths for Mechanical Engineers  

Although there will always be demand for mechanical engineers, the field has changed a lot since the early days of the Industrial Age. A mechanical engineer can expect to see a lot of job growth in as yet rapidly emerging areas like artificial intelligence and robotics. 

There are also many career paths for mechanical engineers once they have earned their credentials. Mechanical engineers can become: 

  • Mechanical project managers 
  • Mechanical designers 
  • Process engineers
  • Engineering consultants 
  • Program controls engineers 
  • Staff engineers 
  • Project engineers 
  • Engineering drafters  


One of the most popular choices for mechanical engineers is to work as a manufacturing engineer. Manufacturing engineers have a lot of opportunities for career growth in robotics, automation and computer control systems. This puts them on the cutting edge of many new technologies that benefit their company and their clients. 

Many mechanical engineering grads choose to freelance if they can’t initially find the perfect role as a mechanical engineer. This is a great way to build your “portfolio” or resume. And the best way to get work as an engineer is by networking, choosing projects that most appeal to you, and casting a wide net for employment opportunities. Keep in mind that focusing too much on job postings may be inefficient and time-consuming compared to working with a professional recruiter with an extensive network and a reputation as an industry leader in recruiting for the Ohio area. 

Vector Technical Recruits Mechanical Engineers in the Cincinnati and Greater Ohio Area 

At Vector Technical, we are your mechanical engineering career experts.  

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