Hiring and Employment Outlook in Cleveland for 2024

The hiring and employment outlook for Cleveland in 2024 is strong. Ohio posted the largest number of jobs in its history last year. Reaching this milestone shows that the state is recovering from the coronavirus-created recession.

However, changing employee expectations and ongoing hiring challenges will impact employers. Therefore, partnering with a staffing firm will be more important than ever.

Learn about the hiring and employment outlook for Cleveland in 2024.

Evolving Workforce Participation

Many Ohio residents who left the workforce during the coronavirus pandemic have not returned. Common reasons include:

  • Aging out of the labor market
  • Becoming disabled from long-term coronavirus complications
  • Being at high risk for severe coronavirus-related complications
  • Lacking child care
  • Living in areas that have not recovered from the recession
  • Having other members earn enough to support the family

Conversely, Ohio’s growing population includes a significant number of residents who are 25 to 54 years old. Because these residents are in their prime working years, many are working or looking for jobs. Therefore, these residents impact the state’s workforce participation.

Slow Manufacturing Job Growth

Ohio’s manufacturing jobs are not growing as rapidly as in other parts of the country. As one of the top producers of goods, manufacturing is a significant part of the state’s economy. Therefore, the industry’s long-term health is essential for continued success.

Ohio gained thousands of manufacturing jobs in the past few years. However, factors such as the shortage of machine operators and semi-skilled workers hindered the growth potential.

Many small and midsized manufacturing firms are responding to the talent shortage by adding automation and new technologies to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. These activities help firms remain competitive as they deal with the talent shortage.

Support from Cleveland Workforce Programs  

Many Cleveland area nonprofit organizations offer residents wraparound support to address barriers to employment. These services benefit the whole person throughout the job search process. As a result, the workers are likely to fill vacancies for area employers.

The organizations offer services to reduce common barriers that hinder workers from finding and keeping jobs. These barriers include:

  • Inability to fill basic human needs
  • Childcare costs that exceed a family’s budget
  • Lack of access to transportation

The wraparound supports include:

  • Food, hygiene products, and household supplies
  • Access to mental and behavioral healthcare
  • Sobriety groups
  • Daycare
  • Transportation
  • Job interview preparation
  • Career mapping, coaching, and support

Potentially Lower Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Ohio lawmakers are campaigning to reduce unemployment insurance benefits from 26 weeks to 12-20 weeks, depending on the unemployment rate. Decreasing the state’s benefits encourages unemployed workers to find jobs as soon as possible. The intended outcomes include:

  • Temporarily supporting families during job searches
  • Encouraging employees to find better jobs
  • Minimizing the state’s unemployment rate
  • Preventing economic downturns from worsening

Changing Expectations for Employers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Cleveland area unemployment rate was 3.1% in October 2023. This was below the national unemployment rate of 3.6%. Therefore, the Cleveland labor market is shifting in favor of workers.

Many Cleveland area employees expect better pay and working conditions to compensate for decades of lower wages. These employees also want increased benefits, such as paid medical and family leave, and flexibility, such as remote or hybrid work and a flexible schedule, to care for their families.

Ongoing Hiring Challenges

Many Cleveland area employees are expected to change jobs in 2024. As these employees find better opportunities elsewhere, many employers likely will have difficulty replacing them.

Extended job vacancies adversely impact a company’s remaining employees in many ways:

  • Increased workloads
  • Higher stress
  • Lower engagement
  • Reduced productivity
  • Decreased performance
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Greater burnout
  • Reduced morale
  • Decreased retention

Growing Partnerships with Staffing Firms

Many Cleveland employers are partnering with local staffing firms that specialize in their industries to help fill their hiring needs. Recruiters from these firms use their extensive knowledge and experience with the industries and labor markets to benefit employers.

Employer advantages for partnering with local staffing firms include:

  • Access to vast networks of qualified talent
  • On-demand placement of vetted candidates
  • Ability to interview and hire top talent
  • Time savings
  • Financial savings

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