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As one of the top specialized engineering recruitment agencies, we closely work with engineering professionals looking to make an impact on the job.

Our cutting-edge technical skills assessments makes us an ideal staffing agency for mechanical & chemical engineers. Vector Technical also helps ensure every candidate you see is among the most highly qualified of professionals. Whether you are an engineer in between jobs or a employee seeking skilled employees that align with your goals, the experts at our engineering staffing agency understand the unique challenges and specific requirements of reaching project goals.

The engineering industry is one that continues to grow. While the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down construction, both industries are making a comeback. Businesses and homes are being built to meet the demands of consumers, and engineering and construction workers will continue to be needed. This is where one of the most devoted mechanical engineering staffing agencies comes into play. Vector Technical Inc. works hard to stay on top of hiring trends so you don’t have to! Our team of engineering recruiting experts will pair your company with talented engineers at all skill levels. Staff up your business to meet engineering demands with our help today!

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