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No matter what your hiring challenges, Vector Technical Inc. can help you solve them. From temporary help for a tight deadline to a proven leader for your management team, we have the experience, industry knowledge and process to find the right person the first time. As a leading provider of staffing services in Cleveland, Ohio, we don’t just promise better hires, we guarantee them.

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Make Smarter Hiring Decisions

With Our PAR Excellence Process PAR Excellence is an advanced hiring process that takes the guesswork out of candidate evaluation. Get the best-fit candidates the first time with our objective, performance-based evaluation process which includes:

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Our temp services in Cleveland, Ohio give you the tools and resources you need to adapt to variable workloads, staff up for busy seasons or large projects and access specialized talent on demand.

Assess our temporary employees on the job to evaluate their skills at your location. Add them to your full-time team if they make the cut. It’s a risk-free way to hire.

Looking for impact players to add to your organization? Our recruiters are experts in quickly and accurately identifying talent. You choose from the best prospects we provide, saving you time on sourcing candidates, screening resumes and interviewing potential employees.

  • Free online skills training for candidates
  • Onsite staffing management (vendor on premise)
  • Candidate profiling and skills assessment

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Outwit the competition with these ideas for hiring, managing, motivating and retaining your workforce.