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Cleveland’s Engineering Employment Outlook for 2024

Cleveland’s engineering employment outlook in 2024 is very strong. The demand for engineers is expected to be well above the national average for other industries. Job growth and the need to replace engineers leaving the workforce are among the top reasons. The U.S. Bureau of

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Cleveland’s Manufacturing Employment Outlook in 2024

Cleveland’s manufacturing employment outlook in 2024 appears to be fairly steady. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 119,600 manufacturing jobs in November 2023. This number was 0.2% lower than the previous November. The BLS reported that Cleveland’s unemployment rate was 2.7% in November

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How Your Supply Chain Efforts Can Lead to Smoother Operation | Vector Technical

Improving Labor Efficiency with Contract Staffing

Virtually all employers continuously look for methods to improve labor efficiency. Many employers use contract staffing to reach this objective. Securing the services of a well-structured contract staffing program helps employers attract and retain top-performing workers. These employers take advantage of contract staffing to efficiently

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Hiring and Employment Outlook in Cleveland for 2024

The hiring and employment outlook for Cleveland in 2024 is strong. Ohio posted the largest number of jobs in its history last year. Reaching this milestone shows that the state is recovering from the coronavirus-created recession. However, changing employee expectations and ongoing hiring challenges will

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Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Can Help Your Manufacturing Firm Grow | Vector Technical

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Can Help Your Manufacturing Firm Grow

According to the National Association of Manufacturers Q3 2023 Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, approximately 72% of respondents listed attracting and retaining a quality workforce as one of their top challenges. Also, Deloitte’s 2021 Manufacturing Talent report found that approximately 45% of manufacturing executive respondents had turned

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How Providing Channels for Feedback Can Boost Employee Engagement | Vector Technical

How Providing Channels for Feedback Can Boost Employee Engagement

Providing channels for feedback can boost employee engagement. Taking action in the areas of your organization that need improvement shows you value employee input. In return, employees are likely to stay engaged and productive. You should consider implementing engagement surveys to determine what employees like

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Finding Ways to Keep Your Team Productive This Holiday Season | Vector Technical

Finding Ways to Keep Your Team Productive This Holiday Season

Finding ways to keep your team productive this holiday season can be challenging. Your employees likely would rather be engaging in holiday festivities than working. Although keeping your team productive during the holidays can be difficult, you can take steps to improve engagement. These suggestions

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How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Firm and the Environment! | Vector Technical

How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Firm and the Environment!

Sustainability involves operating a business without negatively impacting the environment. The organization functions in line with the best interests of the community to benefit the planet. A sustainable firm considers its impact on the environment along with revenue generation. Because of its prioritization of environmental

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4 Steps You Can Take to Better Navigate Supply Chain Challenges | Vector Technical

4 Steps You Can Take to Better Navigate Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain management is essential for your manufacturing company’s success. It provides the supply chain visibility, reliability, and predictability needed for efficient operations. Taking steps to better navigate supply chain challenges helps improve productivity, outputs, and your bottom line. The following ideas can help. Discover

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Why Implementing Cybersecurity Defenses Is Imperative to Your Success | Vector Technical

Why Implementing Cybersecurity Defenses Is Imperative to Your Success

The technological advances of Industry 4.0 share enterprise information, streamline machinery functions and increase outputs and profits. However, these advances also increase the need for cybersecurity defenses in manufacturing companies. Secure manufacturing supports more effective software, network, equipment, and data policies and protections. As a

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Cleveland, OH Cityscape

The Best Jobs in Northeast Ohio Are Still in Demand

Ohio’s unemployment rate has dipped recently. That certainly seems to be the case for the best jobs in Northeast Ohio, which Vector Technical recruits for. In our sectors, hiring is going strong. And as the premiere recruiting agency in the greater Cleveland area, we can

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Two people raising their hands in a group meeting.

How to Ask for More Responsibility at Work

Before we begin, it’s important to understand that the focus of this blog is not to encourage you to haphazardly ask your employer for more work.   Your time and expertise are resources. And like all resources, they are limited and highly valuable. So, we’re

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A group of office workers sit at a table reviewing references on a tablet.

Are Reference Checks Still Relevant?

From time to time, we hear from candidates who want to know if reference checks are still relevant. It’s surprising how many job seekers believe references might be a thing of the past.  The short answer here is an emphatic yes.   This blog is about

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A woman and man shake hands while another woman looks on.

What Sales Recruitment Agencies Learned in 2022

2022 was a transformative year for sales. As a sales recruiting agency, we’ve learned that while sales have been steadily picking up, even during high inflation, salespeople and their potential clients are still experiencing many of the residual effects of the pandemic. That, and the landscape

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3 Reasons Leadership Development Can Bring Out the Best in Your Workforce | Vector Technical

5 Creative Employee Perk Ideas to Stand Out in 2023

As the war for talent marches into 2023, many employers want to know what perks employees are looking for. The logic is simple: Those employers who can offer better perks should be able to attract and hire more job seekers.   Are you providing the kind

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Top Three Supply Chain Recruitment Trends to Watch

From an unprecedented pandemic to a widespread talent shortage, the supply chain industry has faced its fair share of obstacles in recent years. But as we approach 2023, a return to normal is becoming less of a far-fetched hope and more of an imminent reality

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4 Benefits of Partnering with an Engineering Recruitment Firm

As we approach 2023, organizations are finding it more and more challenging to hire the quality engineers they need for their businesses. Because the labor market is so competitive, virtually all top engineering candidates are fielding multiple job offers simultaneously. This climate makes it especially

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2023 Talent Outlook for Mechanical Engineer Jobs

It’s hard to understate how incredibly tight the labor market is for quality mechanical Engineers. One contributing factor to the demand for these talented professionals is the sheer pace of innovation in engineering technology which makes finding the best and brightest talent an imperative.  Are

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Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Can Help Your Manufacturing Firm Grow | Vector Technical

The Top Four Skills to Look for in an All-Star HR Generalist

HR generalists are often the unsung heroes of an organization. These talented and versatile professionals know how to work with people to cultivate the best in people, drive business and achieve organizational objectives. They create an employee-centric culture and provide a central point of service

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Extraordinary Measures Needed to Fill Future Manufacturing Jobs

If we want to fill the manufacturing jobs of tomorrow, industry leaders and their partners will need to take extraordinary measures today. We sponsor Alliance for Working Together (AWT) because we believe that  a radical change in manufacturing demands radical action.   AWT is taking a uniquely proactive approach

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Maintenance Mechanics: Your Most Valuable Employee?

Industrial and manufacturing employers have enough challenges running their business when things are going well. But when mechanical equipment, piping, or systems fail, it can reveal weaknesses in your business and, perhaps too late, the importance of maintenance technicians on your team.  That’s just one

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How an Economic Downturn Could Create a Rush for Jobs

You might have noticed a lot of discussion about the economy lately. Recently, the Fed lifted interest rates by 0.75 percentage points, the third hike this year and the largest since 1994.   So, what’s up with these interest rates? And more importantly, what do they

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With Eased Restrictions, Outside Sales is Gearing Up

For the past couple of years, outside sales have taken a big hit. That’s largely thanks to precautions many businesses took during the pandemic. And now that businesses are opening again, something is different.   Was it just the pandemic that caused the downturn? Or is

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What Are the Best Jobs in Cleveland Right Now?

Anyone looking for jobs in Cleveland right now could use a little help. With so many jobs, and so many employers reaching out to all available workers, job seekers have never had so many options at their fingertips.  It’s a labor market that has some

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Top 9 In-Demand Technical Jobs in Cleveland

Since 1992, Vector Technical has been bringing together Ohio’s skilled workers with the best technical jobs in Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio. For the past thirty years, we’ve helped countless job seekers get started with the job of their dreams and helped them advance their careers

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Is Temp Work The New Normal?

Are you tired of waiting for your employer to give you a raise? Or, what if you finally managed to get a raise, but it was too small? You’re not alone.  Many skilled workers are fed up for the same reasons.   But the good news

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Tips for Recruiting Industrial Maintenance Technicians

For years, industrial businesses have had difficulty finding enough qualified mechanics to fill their maintenance openings. You’re not alone. Sometimes, businesses need to adapt to the times to expand the pool of candidates available to us. And sometimes, businesses just need a little help. There

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5 Key Qualities of a Great Office Administrator

Everyone is looking for “the one.” An office administrator who can juggle many tasks while keeping the office running smoothly. For many offices, finding the right administrator can make all the difference between an office that works and one in which the staff and executives

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5 Benefits of Hiring A Machinist Apprentice

When looking for your next machinist, it’s easy to seek out the most highly skilled technicians. But, with highly-skilled roles that require years of training and certifications, a professional machinist can command a salary of $90,000 or more on average. So it’s no wonder that

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How to Replace a Manager After They Submit Their Notice

When an employee quits, it can cause chaos in the office. This disruption is especially prevalent when that employee is part of the managerial team. It can be a scramble to find a suitable replacement after losing someone responsible for serving as a leader to

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What to Look For When Hiring a Quality Technician

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters,” –Lucius Seneca, Letters from a Stoic There is perhaps no situation where this sentiment is more relevant than when hiring a quality technician. Top technicians will always be more valuable and in higher demand than your average

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4 Steps You Can Take to Better Navigate Supply Chain Challenges | Vector Technical

Tips for Hiring The Best CNC Technicians and Machinists

Recently, we’ve heard from several clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors who came to Vector Technical Recruiters after having a very difficult time finding qualified CNC Technicians and Machinists.  We hear you. Finding the candidates you need – let alone, highly skilled CNC technicians

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Addressing Weakness During an Interview

A Better Way to Address Your Weaknesses During an Interview

During an interview, there is a decent chance that the hiring manager is going to ask you about your greatest weakness. Often, it is one of the most daunting moments in the meeting, as discussing your shortcomings isn’t easy or particularly comfortable. However, that doesn’t

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Motivating Introverted Employees

The Key to Motivating Your Typically Introverted Employees

Managing introverted employees requires a unique approach. Often, introverts have less social energy than their extroverted counterparts. When not properly managed, introverts can become fatigued, causing productivity and motivation to fall. However, by approaching their needs correctly, you can keep your introverted employees engaged and

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Adding GPA to a Resume

Is Your GPA Even Needed on a Resume?

When you’re working on landing a job in Cleveland, making sure your resume is on point is a must. While listing your relevant education is typically a must, many candidates struggle when it comes to whether they should include their GPA on their application. Regretfully,

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Stressed About a Job Search

How Can I Keep My Best Employees from Quitting?

Retention is critical for an organization’s success. When you can keep your best and brightest on staff, productivity tends to be higher. In some cases, morale may even improve since you have a capable and dedicated team. Additionally, you may create an environment where innovation

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Coaching an Employee to Success | Vector Technical Inc

What Is the Best Way to Coach an Employee to Success This Year?

Whether you oversee a permanent team or one featuring short-term hires through staffing vendors in Cleveland, being able to coach your employees effectively is critical. It allows you to push them toward greater success, something that benefits them as professionals as well as the company

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Finding a Job in Cleveland Ohio | Vector Technical Inc

What’s an Appropriate Way to Ask if a Company Is Hiring?

In some cases, a job seeker has their eye on a specific company. Many businesses have established themselves as employers of choice, making opportunities to work their incredibly desirable. Additionally, professionals who had short-term roles through temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, may have really enjoyed

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Working More Efficiently and Productively

How Can I Motivate My Employees to Work More Efficiently?

Whether you manage a permanent team, short-term workers from staffing agencies in Painesville, Ohio, or a combination of the two, finding ways to boost efficiency is critical. When your staff is efficient, productivity tends to rise while costs diminish. The approach eliminates waste, including wasted

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Finding a Job in Cleveland Ohio

What Are Some Great Job Hunting Strategies?

Whether you’re looking for permanent or temp jobs in Cleveland, having a great strategy is a must. Your approach impacts your results; it’s that simple. With the right job-hunting strategy, you can land your ideal position faster. If you don’t know where to begin, here

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How Maintaining Strong Training Programs Can Help Retain and Strengthen Your Workforce | Vector Technical

Why Do Managers Need “Coaching Skills”?

Whether you oversee a permanent staff, temporary workers from employment agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, or a combination of the two, honing your coaching skills is essential. Your team looks to you for guidance, and that doing more than simply assigning them tasks. With coaching skills,

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Improving Your Resume

What Are the Most Necessary Items to Include on a Resume?

When you’re looking for a new job, getting your resume in order is essential. Whether you’re applying directly to companies or looking for opportunities through employment agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, providing a resume is a standard part of most application processes. It serves as your

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Managing Ineffective Employees in Cleveland Ohio

How Can You Proactively Manage “Ineffective” Employees?

Whether you manage permanent employees, workers from temp employment agencies, or some of both, ensuring that your team is as effective and efficient as possible is a must. While the majority of your workforce likely meets or exceeds expectations, on occasion, you’re almost guaranteed to

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Providing References When Applying to a Job

Do You Have to Provide References on a Job Application?

Most job seekers understand that providing references is part of a traditional hiring process. Whether you’re going for a permanent position or looking for short-term roles through temporary employment agencies, there will likely be a reference check. But many candidates aren’t sure when is the

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