Precision Matchmaking: Inside Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence Benchmarking Process

Vector Technical’s precision matchmaking is guaranteed to find you better hires. Our PAR Excellence benchmarking process can help solve even your biggest hiring challenges.

Vector Technical can provide everything from temporary help for tight deadlines to proven leaders for your management team. We have the industry knowledge, experience, and process to find you the right person the first time. As the leading provider of staffing services in Cleveland, Ohio, we promise better hires than any other company.

Reasons to Choose Vector Technical

The top reasons our clients choose Vector Technical to fill their staffing needs include:

  • Access to highly qualified candidates
  • Reduced hiring costs
  • Improved employee retention
  • Increased return on investment (ROI)

Smarter Hiring Decisions

Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence is an advanced benchmarking process that takes the guesswork out of candidate evaluation. Our objective, performance-based evaluation process provides you with the best-fit candidates the first time.

Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence process includes:

  • Developing a detailed position profile
  • Benchmarking your current high achievers
  • Aggressively recruiting to maximize access to top talent
  • Providing in-depth assessment testing and behavioral interviews
  • Conducting background and reference checks

People Vector Technical Recruits

Vector Technical recruits for the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Engineering
  • Office and clerical
  • Marketing and sales

Vector Technical’s Staffing Services

Vector Technical offers the following staffing services:

  • Temporary: Receive the tools and resources you need to adapt to variable workloads, staff up for busy seasons or large projects, and access specialized talent on demand.
  • Temporary-to-hire: Assess our temporary employees on the job to evaluate their skills at your location. Add these workers to your full-time team if they meet your standards and expectations. Take advantage of a risk-free way to hire.
  • Direct-hire: Find impact players to add to your organization. Our recruiters are experts in quickly and accurately identifying talent. You choose from our best prospects to save time on candidate sourcing, resume screening, and interviewing.

You can further benefit from our strategic staffing management services:

  • Free online skills training for candidates
  • Onsite staffing management
  • Candidate profiling and skills assessment

Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence Benchmarking Process

Traditional hiring methods cannot duplicate a star employee’s performance. Therefore, Vector Technical created the PAR Excellence process.

PAR Excellence is a new approach to hiring. Vector Technical’s combination of benchmarking and assessment provides our clients with a more reliable method to ensure they hire top performers.

Scientific Approach to Hiring

PAR Excellence is an advanced hiring process that takes the guesswork out of candidate evaluation. Vector Technical’s process includes the following steps:

  1. Profile:
  • Develop a detailed position profile with the hiring manager.
  • Interview high achievers to validate their duties and skill requirements.
  1. Assess:
  • Benchmark high-achieving employees on critical skills to determine their performance standards.
  • Calibrate acceptable performance criteria.
  1. Recruit:
  • Recruit and evaluate candidates using defined performance benchmarks.
  • Candidates who meet or exceed the requirements are referred to the client.

PAR Excellence Difference

PAR Excellence represents an innovative change from traditional skill matching and instinct-based hiring. Vector Technical’s objective, performance-based process makes it easier to find top performers, save time by interviewing qualified candidates, and improve candidate fit with your organization. Our process ensures you hire the right employee the first time.

FAQs About PAR Excellence

  1. Is PAR Excellence expensive?

No, the PAR Excellence benchmarking process is available at no additional charge to our clients.

  1. Is PAR Excellence a lot of work?

No, PAR Excellence requires a small amount of the supervisor’s and employees’ time to develop our benchmark data. When the process is complete, we save our clients time by referring only highly qualified candidates.

  1. Is PAR Excellence used for every job order?

No, PAR Excellence is not used for every job order, but it can be. The process was designed for any position where our client wants to increase the probability of hiring a top performer. However, we realize this might not be practical for every hiring need.

PAR Excellence Client Testimonial

Learn what one of Vector Technical’s clients has to say about our PAR Excellence benchmarking process:

“Zircoa Inc. has employed the services of Vector Technical for 16 years. Administration, customer service, and quality control laboratory positions have been filled with long-term success.

“I have known Tim Bleich for 10 years and have been very satisfied with his commitment to understanding our company’s needs at all levels. At the current level of trust, Vector Technical serves as a virtual extension of our organization.” Ronne D. Proch, Materials & Marketing Manager, Zircoa Inc.

Take Advantage of Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence Benchmarking Process

Vector Technical is one of Cleveland’s top providers of clerical, industrial, technical, and medical staffing services. We offer our PAR Excellence benchmarking process for easier, more reliable temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire employees. Contact us today to get started with our process.