The Key to Motivating Your Typically Introverted Employees

Managing introverted employees requires a unique approach. Often, introverts have less social energy than their extroverted counterparts. When not properly managed, introverts can become fatigued, causing productivity and motivation to fall.

However, by approaching their needs correctly, you can keep your introverted employees engaged and happy. Whether you’re considering an introverted candidate through a provider of hiring support in Cleveland or already have an introvert on your team, here’s how you can help them thrive.

Overhaul Your Approach to Meetings

For many introverts, meetings aren’t their favorite things. While they can, at times, be necessary, finding ways to make the experience more accommodating to team members who aren’t energized by social situations is wise.

First, consider whether a topic actually necessitates a meeting. If it could feasibly be discussed through any other means, go that route instead.

Additionally, rethink your attendees list. Only invite employees who genuinely need to provide input at that moment. For those who simply need to be aware of any decisions that come about due to the meeting, send a summary in an email afterward.

Next, streamline your meetings. Create a strict agenda, send it out in advance, and schedule no more than 30 minutes for the discussion. If people deviate from the agenda, tell them you’ll take note of the point, and it can be discussed at a later time before recentering on the agenda topic.

Finally, avoid too many meetings in a day, and avoid back-to-back meetings whenever possible. Introverts often need time to recharge after social interactions, so make sure they have a chance to catch their breath before they have to attend another one.

Embrace Multiple Communication Methods

While in-person discussions and phone conversations have their place, offering multiple communication methods can be beneficial if you have introverts on your team. Some workers may be more comfortable communicating in writing, for example.

As a result, having collaboration software, forums, chatrooms, email, or similar solutions available is wise. It gives introverts places to engage in discussions that don’t come with the same social pressures as talking with a colleague on the phone or in-person.

Create Small Teams for Projects

For team projects, smaller teams can be a better bet, especially if key members are introverts. Large groups may make introverts uncomfortable, and they may have trouble speaking up when the entire team is engaged in a discussion.

Smaller teams increase the odds that introverts will be comfortable contributing. If you can go the extra mile and create a team filled with colleagues the introvert already knows and trusts, that reduces the social pressure further, giving them a chance to shine.

Encourage Quiet Time on Calendars

If you want to make sure that introverts can manage their social energy more effectively, allow them to block out time on their calendars for solo work. Then, they can strategically schedule their heads-down tasks, allowing them to position them in such as way as to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed by social activities like meetings or colleagues dropping in for conversations.

Essentially, it gives introverts a chance to mark themselves as unavailable at various periods. Then, they can use that time to manage duties that aren’t group-oriented, ensuring they are productive while also giving them the mental break they may need.

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