Are You Leading Your Team Well? Or Just Stressing Them Out?

How a manager approaches leading their team has a big impact on employee success. Often, managers have the best of intentions and rely on leadership strategies that they think yield the best results. However, what seems right to a manager isn’t always ideal for the team and may even stress them out.

That’s why, whether you hire internally or use staffing support in Cleveland to find new hires, it’s critical to look at your management strategy along with how your team reacts to it. If you want to make sure you aren’t stressing out your team, here’s what you need to know.

Negative Language Hurts

The words you use to describe a situation impact how it’s perceived. If you spend more time using negative ones, it makes both you and your team more stressed out. Any phrases that focus on worry, poor outcomes, or difficulties harm morale, as it puts an emphasis on the negative side of the equation.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore issues. Instead, it’s about adjusting how you discuss them. If you become solution-oriented and adopt a hopeful mindset, you imbue conversations with optimism. You aren’t talking about the difficulties of today but about how making the right choices can brighten tomorrow. In the end, you still address the problem; you just use an approach that reduces stress instead of increasing it.

Unpredictability Is Anxiety-Inducing

While leaving a little room for spontaneity isn’t inherently a bad thing, a complete lack of predictability is. When a manager is erratic or unreliable, the chaotic energy can harm the team. They aren’t sure what to expect, and that can create a sense of danger that’s hard to shake.

Ideally, your team should be able to anticipate as much of their day as possible. Additionally, they should have a solid idea of how you’ll act while at work, as well as reliable structures for recurring events or common communications. This creates a feeling of normalcy that can be counted on, adding a degree of stability to the work experience.

Micromanaging Is No Employees’ Favorite

If you ask any professional to describe their perfect work situation, being micromanaged isn’t likely to ever come up in any answer. While feeling supported and guided is beneficial for morale, believing that your every move is being judged or orchestrated isn’t. Too much oversight can seem controlling or smothering or may give the impression that you don’t trust your team to do their job.

While it’s fine to check in on occasion or offer input at appropriate moments, hovering over your employees shouldn’t be part of the equation. Instead, try to give them space and a degree of autonomy. Often, when a worker has the ability to take ownership of their tasks, morale improves, and the quality of their work rises. Plus, you won’t be spending as much of your day babysitting them, giving you more time to handle other responsibilities. Ultimately, that creates a win-win, one that can reduce everyone’s stress levels.

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