5 Creative Employee Perk Ideas to Stand Out in 2023

As the war for talent marches into 2023, many employers want to know what perks employees are looking for. The logic is simple: Those employers who can offer better perks should be able to attract and hire more job seekers.  

Are you providing the kind of employee perks that will make your business stand out? If job seekers can’t find what their looking for at your company, it could make the difference between hiring your first choice candidate or having a challenging time attracting any candidates at all. 

So, what are some of the perks job seekers are looking for? Read on to learn more about making your business the most attractive employer in 2023!  

Health & Wellness  

Did you know one recent survey found that regular health screenings were one of the most sought-after benefits?

In addition to health screenings, more job seekers are looking for resources for stress management and financial management. That can be as simple as providing resources that point them in the right direction to get the help they need. 

What types of health & wellness perks will your business offer in 2023? 

Continuing Education  

When people think of continuing education, more often than not, they imagine tuition reimbursement. While many employers may offer tuition reimbursement, your company may not be able to afford such a thing. But for many employers in manufacturing, industrial, and engineering, you may have experts on staff who can give your employees on-the-job training that can help them grow their skills and careers. 

On-the-job training is a unique way of framing continuing education. Your employee can learn while they work from seasoned experts. And once they demonstrate mastery and proficiency in the skill of their choosing, that is a talent they can use to get ahead in their industry.

Parental Leave  

Offering parental leave is a meaningful way to stand out in 2023. As more Gen Z talent begin their careers, employers are increasingly pressured to provide greater flexibility.

Only 23% of working women in the US have access to paid maternity leave. One way employers can stand out when competing for top talent is by offering generous parental leave policies (in addition to maternity leave policies). As a bonus, paid maternity is one of the best ways to diversify your company and hire more talented women. 

Remote Flexibility (When Possible)  

Employers in engineering, skilled trades, and manufacturing simply don’t have the capacity to offer remote work options. But employers who are hiring for office and clerical roles and marketing and sales have a unique opportunity to offer more remote flexibility for their team. 

Offering remote options is a challenging task. But with so many job seekers looking for even partially remote work options, providing this benefit can possibly transform how your company hires and works. Most often, for the better!

Employee Discounts on Industry Goods  

The cost of goods is higher than ever. One creative perk we recently heard of was an employer in the manufacturing sector that offered an employee buying program for discounted goods. This could be a discounted buying program, either of the product your company makes or access to wholesale prices for goods such as work boots and safety gear.  

Offering big discounts on useful items can be a big deal for employees who are struggling to make ends meet. 

Work With Your Recruiter to “Sell” Your Perks & Benefits 

We know you’re trying to run a business. Offering all these perks may not be possible. But offering one or two could make the difference between hiring the talent you need. Whatever benefits you’ll be offering in 2023, you should be working with your recruiter to ensure they’re using those as selling points for your company. 

At Vector Technical, we can be your advocate in the marketplace. Nobody knows job seekers in your industry as we do. Knowing what’s most important to them, we can match them with the benefits you offer for a successful hire. So let’s work together, contact Vector Technical today.