Is Your Team Culture Lacking Because of a Partially Remote Workforce?

Part of mastering the hybrid workplace involves cultivating a boundary-breaking culture. Often, your on-site employees align with the organization’s broader culture with relative ease. Mainly because they are actively immersed in it on a daily basis. However, your remote team members aren’t getting that direct experience. As a result. A disconnect can develop. One that can hinder your team’s culture.

While overcoming the sense of distance can be challenging. It by no means is impossible. By using the right approach, you can cultivate a positive culture that ultimately spans the divide, benefitting your on-site and remote employees alike. If your team culture is lacking because of a partially remote workforce, here are some tips to get it back on track.

Make Communication Easy

At times, a team’s culture struggles because communication is challenging. This is more common in either whole or partially remote teams where they typically have to rely on technology for conversations. Additionally, the situation can be worse for asynchronous teams. Not only is everyone relying on technology, but not all team members are working at the same time, creating another barrier.

Ideally, you want to make communication as easy as possible. Make sure that you implement a range of technologies that support live and asynchronous discussions, ensuring that information sharing can occur across several platforms.

Additionally, go the extra mile and encourage socialization. Let team members know that non-work-related discussions using work-provided tools are allowed on occasion. That way, they can forge stronger bonds, something that ultimately boosts the team’s culture.

Have Conversations About Culture

If your team’s culture is really lacking, having an open, honest discussion with your employees about the situation is wise. Let them know that cultivating a positive culture is a priority. Then, ask for their input about whether they have unmet needs or any concerns. After that, you can begin exploring which workplace improvements could yield the best results

Along with larger team meetings, one-on-one conversations are helpful. When you have a conversation with a single team member, they may feel more comfortable speaking honestly than if they were sharing in front of everyone. Anonymous surveys can also be reasonable stand-ins, though that approach should be viewed as secondary.

Set Boundaries About When Work Should Happen

With many of the technologies that are required to support remote employees, disconnecting can be tricky. As a result, some employees may adopt an “always-on” mindset, and that can be damaging to morale and productivity.

Supporting work-life balance is crucial if you’re going to build a strong culture. By setting formal boundaries that ensure employees set work down at the end of the day, you can help them disconnect. Then, they’ll be better able to achieve work-life balance, leading to improved morale and a better overall culture.

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