Is NOW the Right Time to Find a New Job in Cleveland…or Is the Market Oversaturated with Applicants?

If you are thinking about launching a job search, it’s normal to worry about the state of the job market. With many professionals who were part of coronavirus layoffs focusing more heavily on finding new opportunities, as well as a recent round of college grads looking for their first positions, many candidates fear that Cleveland is oversaturated with applicants today.

While increasing interest in landing a position can mean more competition, that doesn’t mean now isn’t the right time to find a new job in Cleveland. If you’re wondering why, here’s what you need to know.

Interest Isn’t at Its Peak

Due to the end of supplementary unemployment payments, many people who lost their jobs during the pandemic have already started seeking out new opportunities. While this certainly spurred competition among candidates, interest in opportunities isn’t necessarily at its full peak. As a result, waiting could mean encountering more competition, not less.

By starting a job search right now, you can attempt to stay ahead of the curve. While standing out from competitors will certainly be a factor in your job search success, that may be easier to do for a small while longer.

Companies Are Hiring

As the country nears the start of fall, many companies ramp up their hiring. Businesses that experience fall or holiday-related increases in demand typically start recruiting well before they need to bring in new hires. This gives them enough time to find high-quality candidates, as well as train incoming workers to handle the demands of the role.

Plus, many companies have steady workforce needs year-round. If a position comes open, they work to fill it regardless of the time of year.

Finally, while re-opening efforts have been well underway for some time, not all companies have returned to full capacity. They are still seeking out employees to accelerate that timeline, allowing them to have proper staffing levels to reach peak productivity.

Are You Ready for a New Job in Cleveland?

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