Why You Should Always Update Your Recruiter If You Add Qualifications or Skills to Your Resume

Working with a recruiter can be a smart career move. However, the relationship can only provide you with value if you make sure that your recruiter is always up to speed regarding what you bring to the table. Even small omissions or changes – such as a single new skill or qualification – can matter, impacting the quality of your job search results and your overall career arch.

If you are wondering why you should always update your recruiter if you add qualifications or skills to your resume, here’s what you need to know.

Find Right-Fit Jobs

Your recruiter’s main goal is to find you the right position. If they aren’t aware of all of your skills and qualifications, there’s a chance that they’ll bypass opportunities that could be a great fit.

The main reason they may skip openings is that they don’t appear to be a strong match. They are only aware partially aware of what you bring to the table, so there is no way for them to know that you’d be an excellent candidate.

If you want to find a right-fit job, you need to make sure that your recruiter is aware of any new qualifications or skills that you acquire. That way, they can take them into account as they seek out opportunities.

Access Higher-Level Opportunities

In many cases, adding a new skill or qualification makes you eligible for higher-level positions. However, your recruiter won’t know that you qualify if you don’t share that information. As a result, they may focus on lower-level jobs only.

If you want to make sure that your recruiter can get you the right level of position, keeping them informed about your capabilities is essential. By doing that, you can make sure that they have the best targets in mind as they look for the right opening for you.

Boost Your Passive Job Search

While it may seem like telling your recruiter about a new qualification or skill while you aren’t actively searching for a job isn’t necessary, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep them informed. By updating your recruiter, you can keep your passive job search moving forward.

If a great opportunity comes along that could boost your career, your recruiter will know that you’re eligible and can reach out about the position. In the end, you always get to decide if you want to pursue it. But by keeping your recruiter in the loop, you also ensure that you don’t miss out on a role that could be great for your career.

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