Should I Talk to My Boss and Tell Them I’m Tired of My Job? Or Just Start Looking for a New One?

If you’re unhappy at work or feel burnout creeping in, it’s normal to wonder how to approach the situation. You might be torn between talking to your manager about how you feel or quietly launching a job search through engineering staffing agencies or another source to find something new. That’s completely normal.

Which route you should choose depends on a few factors. If you want to make sure you entirely understand which path may work for you, here’s what you need to consider.

Do You Know Why You’re Unhappy (And Have a Solution)?

In some cases, professionals know exactly why they are tired of their job. Maybe their duties have become tedious, or they are constantly battling obstacles that seem insurmountable. Perhaps they don’t see the meaning in their work or feel underappreciated.

If you can pinpoint why you’re unhappy, that could mean talking to your boss is an option. However, you also need to be able to present a viable solution.

If you don’t have a solution, all you’ll be doing is complaining. That won’t lead to positive change, so it may be better to look for a new opportunity discreetly.

Similarly, if you can’t identify the problem, talking with your boss won’t help. Again, all you’ll be doing is complaining, and that isn’t likely to be productive. When this is the case, launching a job search may be your better option.

However, if you can present a step-by-step plan that would resolve the issue, it could be worth discussing with your manager. If your solution is practical and doesn’t place an undue hardship on your boss, they may be willing to consider it.

Can Your Boss Actually Fix the Situation?

Sometimes, what’s making you unhappy in your job is something your manager can fix. For example, your boss might be able to adjust your duties, get you on a new project, relocate your desk, or even grant (or advocate for) a raise.

However, there are certain issues your boss can’t solve. For instance, if your problem is with a company policy or poor decision-making by the leadership team, your manager probably can’t help.

Consider whether your boss is actually in a position to fix the situation, either directly or by presenting the solution to the leadership team. If they can, then it may be worth having a discussion. But if they can’t, you’re better off looking for a new job.

Are You Ready to Find Something New Through Engineering Staffing Agencies in Ohio?

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