What Sales Recruitment Agencies Learned in 2022

2022 was a transformative year for sales. As a sales recruiting agency, we’ve learned that while sales have been steadily picking up, even during high inflation, salespeople and their potential clients are still experiencing many of the residual effects of the pandemic. That, and the landscape of sales is changing. 

Salespeople and their clients look much different than they did a year ago. They have different priorities and needs. Employers working to hire sales personnel might recognize some of these changes that transformed their sector this year. 

Read on as we examine some of these takeaways, and after you’ve read our blog, contact us and let’s discuss where you or your business fits into the future of sales.  

Balancing the Hybrid Work Model  

Remote work options are on everyone’s minds these days. But what if the role you’re hiring for is outside sales? Or what if you only have inside sales jobs but require employees to work on-site? Everyone in the sales sector is making adjustments. And companies that adhere to a rigid interpretation of where and when their salespeople can do their work were struggling to hire in 2022.

But employers who could offer remote positions, especially a hybrid work model, had a much easier time attracting and hiring sales talent. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the less restrictive your employment policy is towards remote work, the better chance you’ll have of hiring good salespeople with flexible schedules.

If your company is struggling to imagine what remote options you could offer—keep in mind it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Hybrid work models allow for interpretation and flexibility. These days, salespeople are more interested in working out a good balance with their employers. It demonstrates collaboration and maturity in an employer. 

What The Modern Day Salesperson Wants  

There is economic uncertainty on the horizon. While many salespeople want a good salary, good benefits, and a flexible schedule, many job seekers are looking for a solid job with a dependable employer. This may be because there is a lot of talk about a recession and possible job insecurity.  

Job security can come in many different forms:

  • A no-drama management team that is communicative and sets clear expectations 
  • Manageable workloads 
  • Reliable policies and procedures they can adopt and adhere to  
  • An employee review schedule that helps workers know where how they’re doing, and areas they can work to improve 

In short, be cool. It’s easy to provide your employees the job security they’re looking for. Even in a changing and unpredictable sales landscape, there are measures you and your management team can take to ensure your hardest-working salespeople feel like their work is valued and essential.   

Allow Gen Z Salespeople to be Entrepreneurs 

Baby Boomers are retiring and making room for a new generation of salespeople: Gen Z. This means how we sell and how we interact with our clients is changing. 

Gen Z sales folks want autonomy in their careers and don’t want their managers micromanaging them. And they want to invent. They are one of the most entrepreneurial generations of workers in recent history. Gen Z salespeople are learning how to get results in new and interesting ways.  

Gen Z is more connected and communicative than ever. Their advantage in closing deals often comes from a pioneering spirit of trying new strategies and adapting quickly to market changes. While this inventiveness comes with some amount of failure, employers who are patient and set clear expectations for their young salespeople will likely discover the reward of giving their employees the freedom they need to succeed.  

Outside Sales is Gaining Speed, Again  

Outside sales are making a big comeback. For many clients, there’s just no other way to meet their needs. For many salespeople, that means hitting the road and managing a territory. This year we’ve worked with many employers who are looking to hire candidates with solid territory experience, someone they can trust with a pre-existing network of connections and established relationships with clients. 

They’re looking for candidates with:

  • An innate understanding of how to build a customer base organically without being pushy or too “sales-y” 
  • Someone who is comfortable with and enjoys face-to-face interactions in person, over the phone, and through email  
  • Someone who can move the needle and get results 

Hiring Top Salespeople in 2023  

Many companies are increasing their team, but hiring skilled and experienced salespeople is still tricky. That can be especially true if you don’t know where to look. At Vector Technical Solutions, we’ve built our business by helping businesses hire the best salespeople in the industry. And for job seekers, we are the most trusted and helpful sales recruiting agency. We can help you land the sales role of your dreams.  

Let’s discuss where your business or career fits into the future of sales. Contact Vector Technical Solutions today.