Top 9 In-Demand Technical Jobs in Cleveland

Since 1992, Vector Technical has been bringing together Ohio’s skilled workers with the best technical jobs in Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio. For the past thirty years, we’ve helped countless job seekers get started with the job of their dreams and helped them advance their careers in Cleveland’s rich network of technical jobs. 

As Cleveland’s premier recruiter for technical jobs, we’ve heard from job seekers who want to know the most in-demand technical jobs in Cleveland. So we’re putting together this shortlist of our top picks.  

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Process Engineer 

Summary: We’ve seen an increased demand for process engineers who have a strong understanding of manufacturing operations and processes and can work well with other departments to resolve problems that interfere with productivity. 

Why this job stands out: Process engineers are key workers because they need to have both solid problem-solving skills and enjoy working with others. They should be able to solve complex technical problems both independently and in collaboration with others regularly—a rare combination of skills. Workers with a strong technical aptitude and an ability to work well with people are not common and can be a strong negotiating point in the interview process. 

CNC Operator 

Summary: The CNC operator is responsible for machining parts by setting up and operating a computer numerical control [CNC] machine while maintaining quality and safety standards, keeping records, maintaining equipment and supplies, while paying close attention to detail of all machined parts. 

Why this job stands out: Despite the medium-skilled nature of CNC machining, this job does pay well. There is no greater concentration of CNC machining operations in Ohio than here in Cleveland. Because of the large concentration of CNC machining operations in Ohio, our candidates have access to a wide variety of opportunities that come from having access to dozens of clients they can serve within the Greater Cleveland area. 

Industrial Maintenance Technician 

Summary: The industrial maintenance technician is responsible for repairing, maintaining, and performing preventative maintenance on industrial equipment and facilities. 

Why this job stands out: Maintenance technicians are especially in demand in Cleveland because of the rapid growth of manufacturing and production facilities in the area. There is also a high demand for industrial maintenance technicians because even if one business’s machine breaks down, it can stall their entire shop floor or production line until it’s back up and running. There is also a growing need for these workers because they have an incredible working knowledge of the way industrial machines function and can repair them quickly – often using limited resources and creative solutions. 

Mechanical Maintenance Technician 

Summary: Like an industrial maintenance technician, in the many roles we’ve placed for a mechanical maintenance technician, applicants had the opportunity to perform preventative maintenance and mechanical integrity inspections of everything from mechanical equipment to mechanical piping and systems. Especially advantageous are the mechanical maintenance techs who can also perform installations of new piping and equipment and repair existing systems. 

Why this job stands out: Because this job can be performed on a wide variety of systems, ranging from industrial machines to plumbing, it can be appealing for workers who enjoy a wide variety of tasks. The mechanical maintenance technician is an essential part of the production process because they are the ones who know when equipment is mechanically failing and can repair it in a timely manner. 

Production Line Operator 

Summary: A production line operator is responsible for ensuring that the production line operates according to approved procedures and performs related administrative work. 

Why this job stands out: The job of a production line operator requires someone who can multitask and keep their mind on the task at hand even after shifting to multiple tasks. Furthermore, the operator is on the watch for mechanical and human problems, gleaning information about how to handle them when an issue arises. Ideal candidates will have a keen intuition — not only for the machines which facilitate production lines, but the mood and cohesion of the production line workforce. 

Machinery Technician 

Summary: We’ve had several openings for a machinery technician with manufacturers of specialized machinery. By and large, our clients are looking for builders with basic machining skills and established skills in mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic aspects of industrial machinery assembly. 

Why this job stands out: At the intersection of machining and repair, machinery technicians need to apply rudimentary electrical, mechanical and pneumatic principles in the service and repair of industrial machinery. For this reason, technicians are an essential part of any manufacturing production process because they also understand the basics of machining and machine fabrication and how precision is paramount to their work. 

HVAC Technician 

Summary: When our clients need an HVAC technician, they need someone who can troubleshoot, replace, repair or install HVAC systems and equipment. They’re looking for HVAC techs who can do this both manually and using various vendor-supplied software interface systems. 

Why this job stands out: Because HVAC technicians are needed in every manufacturing facility, there is a high demand for them because of the many high-production-value HVAC systems manufacturers have available. High-volume applications require flexibility and the ability to troubleshoot and improvise with various parts that may malfunction—both things that are an essential part of HVAC tech duties. In addition, the skill sets required for this job are not the same as other mechanical repair jobs. 

Material Handler 

Summary: Material handlers are responsible for the safe and accurate handling of material in areas that require forklifts, hand tools, pallets, and other equipment. They should be able to lift heavy, ungainly items and safely move materials from one location to another. 

Why this job stands out: The skill level required for minimum essential material handling skills is not as high as other manufacturing jobs because it is not entirely a mechanical field. But it requires a strong attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure. If you’ve wanted to get into the skilled trades, openings for material handlers are a great entry-level position to begin your career. 

Automatic Press Operator 

Summary: Automatic press operators are more than just a set-it-and-forget-it position. These professionals often do everything from entering all control parameters and making all adjustments to fabricating the first part with minimal variance from tolerance. They are also key at troubleshooting tooling and equipment and operating automatic presses to trim, punch, notch, shape, or draw bars, blanks, or continuous coils of metal to produce metal parts of varying features and profiles. 

Why this job stands out: Openings for automatic press operators are often seen as highly attractive, especially by individuals who work best on their own without much supervision. Due to the nature of the job, these operators are often left on their own to perform their duties—with one exception: When they encounter problems, they must communicate those problems effectively to their supervisors. 

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