5 Benefits of Hiring A Machinist Apprentice

When looking for your next machinist, it’s easy to seek out the most highly skilled technicians. But, with highly-skilled roles that require years of training and certifications, a professional machinist can command a salary of $90,000 or more on average. So it’s no wonder that businesses in need of a machinist might turn to other options. Thankfully, one great opportunity exists – apprentices!

There are a plethora of benefits to hiring an apprentice, but in this article, we will highlight the top five:

1)You Save Money

First and foremost, it’s always worth mentioning that a less trained individual will demand less money and benefits than their more experienced counterparts. An apprentice will charge as little as half of the salary of a fully trained machinist. Having an apprentice gives you plenty of room to keep them around with salary increases and raises. Of course, an apprentice has correspondingly less experience and training, so you do get what you pay for. Make sure you know what you need before deciding between a senior machinist and an apprentice.

2) You Provide Job Training for Your Role Specifically

One of the main benefits of machining for is the succession of unique roles and challenges they encounter. No two days present the same problems, and no two problems have the same solution. Likewise, your company has unique challenges that require a unique perspective only a highly trained machinist can provide. Hiring a machining apprentice to work with your company ensures that they “grow up” learning the ins and outs of your needs, so they work exceptionally well with your company and your team.

3) You Foster Loyalty in the Apprentice

Apprentices often look fondly upon the employers where they started – so long as they don’t have a reason not to. When you hire an apprentice, you provide them a ton of value; employment, training, learning opportunities, funding for continued education, opportunities to network, and more. All of this is valuable to the apprentice and makes them much more loyal to you than they might be otherwise.

4) You Can Transition to Green Processes

Today’s biggest concern is climate change, and companies worldwide are increasingly focused on ways to fight it. A massive portion of that challenge comes from our power grid and infrastructure. Today’s apprentice machinists are more aware of and trained in green and sustainable energy than ever before. Hiring an apprentice can gather ideas and options for green processes that can make your business green or carbon neutral, which is a worthy goal and selling point for many customers and B2B partners.

5) You Can Train a Replacement for Outgoing Machinists

If you keep a machinist on staff or as part of your roster, they will have their own career goals and ambitions. Since machining often works on an apprenticeship basis, you can provide the services of your existing machinist as a mentor and master. As the apprentice learns, they can take over the position of the outgoing senior machinist, who may be moving on to greener pastures or simply retiring. Either way, the apprentice is tailored to suit your needs.

Finding the Best Machining Talent

If your business requires employees or contractors in machining – whether senior-level or apprentices – you’ve come to the right place. At Vector Technical Inc., we strive to provide the best possible employees in our specialized sectors, including machinists of all stripes. Contact us today to discuss your needs and fill open roles in your organization.