A Better Way to Address Your Weaknesses During an Interview

During an interview, there is a decent chance that the hiring manager is going to ask you about your greatest weakness. Often, it is one of the most daunting moments in the meeting, as discussing your shortcomings isn’t easy or particularly comfortable.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t navigate the situation well. If you’re looking for Cleveland career support and help landing a new job, here are some tips that can help you discuss your weakness during an interview in the best way possible.

Pick the Right Real Weakness

Now isn’t the time for platitudes, as cliches will make it seem like you’re trying to avoid real honesty. Additionally, you don’t want to try to trick the hiring manager by framing a positive as a weakness, as the odds are high that they’ll see right through that.

Instead, pick a legitimate shortcoming. Just make sure that, when you do, it isn’t one that speaks to the core of the role you’re trying to land. For example, if you’ve got your eye on a software developer job, mentioning your struggle with public speaking is fine; talking about a difficulty with time management isn’t.

Alternatively, you can choose a shortcoming that’s transient in nature. For example, if you consider yourself an introvert and take a little more time to connect with a team than some other professionals, that can be okay to discuss.

By picking an area where you actually have some trouble, you’ll come across as genuine. By also focusing on a skill that isn’t crucial for the job or isn’t long-lasting, you can keep yourself safer.

Talk About How You’re Fixing It

Along with mentioning the weakness, you also want to pivot into more positive territory by discussing what you are doing about it. For skill-based weaknesses, you can talk about any steps you’re taking to improve. For example, if public speaking is an area where you struggle, signing up for Toastmasters or a course at a local college can show that you’re working to overcome your weakness.

If the shortcoming is transient, then you should focus on how it resolves within a reasonable amount of time. For instance, with the team-based example above, you can talk about the efforts you make to bond more quickly, as well as the strength of the connection once you get to know everyone.

By using this approach, you get to end on a high note. Plus, it shows that you’re self-aware and working to improve, both of which will likely be viewed positively by the hiring manager.

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