What the rush for marketing talent means for your company’s digital presence

Nowadays, running a business is nearly impossible if you don’t have the marketing talent you need. And the sprint to hire marketing talent is making it harder than ever for businesses to operate—especially those whose digital presence isn’t up to par.  

While some businesses are deciding to go it alone and do their own marketing, others are giving up entirely hoping the old way of doing business will be all they need. We don’t suggest doing either. However, we do recommend acting quickly and giving your business the advantage it needs to compete in the market. 

And we have a unique solution that may help you get the job done.  

Why Old Marketing Tactics Aren’t Working Anymore 

Many businesses are still trying to do their own marketing. Most often, they will farm out their marketing necessities to whichever of their staff is the most technically adept. These are the restaurant owners who are trying to update their own websites and auto mechanics trying to create and launch social media promotions. 

Often, the resulting effect is a business with an outdated digital presence that is broken, difficult to navigate, or displays incorrect information. If they even have a digital presence, chances are it’s no longer user-friendly or informative — a big turn-off for those who encounter the business in a digital space.  

Those businesses who are considering doing their own digital marketing need to take an honest and objective look at their real capabilities when it comes to: 

  1. Designing, launching, and maintaining a website 
  1. Using social media for anything from publishing fun, engaging content to running contests and paid promotions  
  1. Running business listings on platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or Google My Business 
  1. Creating and updating business location listings in either Bing, Apple, or Google Maps 
  1. Engaging with leads and answering their questions on either a website, social media, or other digital platforms 
  1. Running digital advertising such as Google Ads and ads on Facebook or Instagram 
  1. Writing, designing, and publishing content marketing, whether that’s blogging or shooting videos, all from a unified approach that supports the brand 
  1. Developing and updating an SEO strategy that will help content index higher in search rankings so that people looking for your business don’t find your competition first. 

Many other businesses may opt out of marketing altogether and rely on word of mouth about their customer service or unique service offerings. This may still work, depending on your business and the industry it’s in. But by and large, we strongly recommend not taking either of these routes. 

Hiring a marketing temp or direct hire is by far the best way to ensure you can create the best digital presence for your company.  

A Key Perspective: Why Your Company’s Digital Presence Is So Crucial 

A good way to think about your digital presence is to imagine it as an employee. In fact, because your digital presence works for you 24/7, has all the information about your company, and is accessible from any location, it is your most important employee. 

But what if that employee was terrible at their job? Say they never answered the phone? Or, if they do answer the phone, they give your customers incorrect information and rude service? It’s not hard to imagine how that would undercut your ability to satisfy your customers, let alone grow your business and make it more profitable.  

That’s why marketing talent is so important. They’re the strategic hires you need to ensure your VIP employee is looking their best and performing at the top of their game. Simply put, your marketing talent can ensure your digital presence is everything you’d demand out of your best employee: fast and helpful service with an ability to surprise and delight your customers.  

Contact Vector Technical for Top Marketing Talent 

Today’s businesses are overwhelmed by the demands of their digital presence. 

Those who hire great marketing talent are finding that not only can their digital presence perform at top capacity, but it also frees business owners to focus on their job—whether that’s fixing cars, creating memorable dining experiences, or whatever their true specialty may be. 

Contact Vector Technical today if you need the best marketing talent in your industry.