Question: Should I Really Trust a Recruiter with My Job Search or Will They Just Place Me Somewhere and Forget about Me?

Many candidates aren’t familiar with working with a recruiter. As a result, they may make some assumptions about how the experience will go. One of the most common ones is believing that, once you are placed in a position, your recruiter will forget about you.

While that may happen with other staffing agencies, at Vector Technical Inc., we don’t put candidates by the wayside once they are placed. Instead, we believe in fostering long-term, career-boosting relationships, providing the utmost support well beyond the initial placement. If you want to learn more about how our team goes the extra mile for every job seeker we partner with, here’s what you need to know.

Forging Strong Connections

At Vector Technical Inc., you’ll experience a difference on day one. When you first meet with one of our recruiters, they’ll spend time getting to know you, ensuring they have an in-depth understanding of your career goals, skills, and experience.

Our dedication to learning about your needs, preferences, and capabilities allows us to achieve several objectives. First, it helps us identify opportunities to help you grow and develop in ways that align with your goals. Second, it ensures that we can focus on finding right-fit opportunities from the beginning, increasing the odds that you’ll be happy with your assignment.

After that, the work doesn’t stop. Your recruiter will identify jobs that suit you and, if you also decide it’s a great fit, they’ll help you prepare for any next steps. Whether it’s targeting a resume or preparing for an interview, your recruiter is there to guide you through every part of the hiring process.

Once you’re in a position, your recruiter remains in contact. They’ll check in with you after your first day to see how it went, offering guidance and support while also welcoming any feedback you can provide. Additionally, your recruiter is available to answer questions as your assignment continues, responding quickly whenever you reach out.

Maintaining Long-Term Relationships

As your assignment continues, your recruiter will continue to touch base. Our goal is to make sure that you’re as excited about the job as the placement moves forward as you were on day one. Further, we want to make sure that you’re always comfortable in the position, as well as provide you with ongoing support as you strive to advance your career.

Are You Looking for a Different Kind of Recruiter?

“The first day on the job, my recruiter sent a text saying, ‘I’m really excited for you. Let me know how your first day goes.’”

At Vector Technical Inc., we always aim to go the extra mile for our candidates. When you contact the recruitment team at Vector Technical Inc., you’ll get a recruiter that’s invested in more than finding you a placement; they are invested in your long-term success.

If you’d like to experience the Vector Technical Inc. difference today, begin by heading over to our company website. Once you get there, you can learn more about our current open jobs in Cleveland and the surrounding area. Plus, you can complete an online application, making it easy to get your job search off the ground right away.