Is Temp Work The New Normal?

Are you tired of waiting for your employer to give you a raise? Or, what if you finally managed to get a raise, but it was too small? You’re not alone. 

Many skilled workers are fed up for the same reasons.  

But the good news is, many professionals have found a workaround—and it doesn’t involve waiting for their employer to get on the ball and give them the raise they deserve. Read on to learn what skilled workers are doing to secure a rightful raise for their hard work and how it could make temp work the new normal.  

The paradox of raises for permanent employees 

Annually, employers have a limited budget to dispense in either raises for their current employees or in offering higher wages for new employees. More often than not, they allocate the majority of their budget for new hires instead of annual raises. 

In a way, this makes sense because employers need to make a strong offer to attract the talent they need. But this is also backward as it rewards new employees who haven’t proven themselves to the employer and haven’t yet demonstrated a commitment to the work or capacity to do the job. More importantly, it overlooks current employees, their efforts and contributions and can leave them feeling unappreciated. It’s also backward because worker dissatisfaction can undercut an employer’s goals for retention by leading to higher turnover. And if their turnover wasn’t so high, they wouldn’t need to hire so many new employees. 

Workers have been trying to communicate their dissatisfaction to their employers for too long, but not so much anymore. 

How this can make temp work the new norm 

Many employees have noticed new hires are being brought on at a higher pay rate than seasoned employees. So rather than waiting around for their employer to change, they’re turning themselves into new hires elsewhere 

These two factors are making temp work the new norm: 

1) High turnover from worker dissatisfaction 

2) Workers seeking higher wages in a new, short-term position 

In this way, a shift towards temp work could benefit not just workers in securing higher wages for short-term contracts. Shifting towards a temp work model could also benefit employers, who would otherwise struggle with damaging their employer brand from worker dissatisfaction.  

What a new landscape of temp work could mean 

For both job seekers and employers, working with a recruiter like Vector Technical could be the best solution. 

Job seekers need an advocate in the marketplace, a recruiter who knows their clients inside and out, who can be honest and upfront about wages and benefits, and who can advise temp workers on negotiating for a better hourly rate. For employers who need access to a large network of skilled workers, it means partnering with a staffing agency with expertise in their industry and workers ready for a temp contract.  

Work with Vector Technical 

For the foreseeable future, the employment landscape is trending towards temp work. So there’s no better time to contact the leading staffing agency for skilled workers in Cleveland and northeastern Ohio. Get the wage you need and deserve with a temp position that has the flexibility to fit your schedule. Contact Vector Technical today