What We’ve Learned About the Cleveland Job Market in Partnering with Thousands of Job Seekers Over the Years

At Vector Technical Inc., we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with thousands of job seekers in the Cleveland area. Through our interactions with job seekers in a range of industries, we’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about the Cleveland job market. We use these insights to evolve our processes, ensuring we can continue to meet candidates’ needs.

If you’re curious about what we’ve learned about the Cleveland job market, thanks to our amazing candidates, here’s what you need to know.

Work-Life Balance Is a Priority

During the pandemic, the need for workplace flexibility became clear. Today, candidates are still concerned about maintaining work-life balance, favoring employers that are continuing with more flexible approaches long-term.

In the middle of their job searches, candidates are increasingly focused on whether a company has a culture that’s supportive and adaptable, especially since the pandemic isn’t entirely in the rearview. Additionally, they are shying away from companies that make work-life balance harder to achieve, such as employers that frequently use mandatory overtime or don’t offer sufficient paid leave.

Safety and Job Security Become Critical

In a post-pandemic landscape, safety and job security are two top priorities for job seekers. People are increasingly open to the idea of leaving a position because they don’t feel safe on the job. Whether that’s due to a lack of COVID-19 health precautions or poorly maintained equipment, candidates are far more tuned into safety than they were pre-pandemic.

Job security is another point that matters to candidates. In the aftermath of coronavirus layoffs and shutdowns, job seekers understand the value that stability provides. Usually, this caused candidates to simply favor employers in their field that could offer a level of job security or a strong contingency plan should shutdowns be necessary again. At times, this has led to career changes, with job seekers shifting into new sectors that offer higher levels of stability.

Another critical point in this vein is medical coverage. Candidates know that having access to healthcare is vital, especially with the pandemic still being relevant. This leads them to focus on employers who offer access to coverage.

Manufacturing as a Career Path

In Cleveland, opportunities in the manufacturing industry aren’t just viewed as short-term ways to make a living; they are viewed as starting points to solid careers. Many candidates arrive with the goal of securing a position at one of Cleveland’s manufacturing employers, particularly those that offer chances to learn, grow, and develop on the job.

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