Struggling with Turnover? Practices That Can Help with Your Manufacturing Firm’s Retention Efforts

Is your manufacturing firm struggling with turnover? If so, know that you are not alone.

Manufacturing has one of the highest turnover rates of all US industries. The current labor shortage makes this issue even more pressing.

Fortunately, you can take steps to help reduce your manufacturing firm’s turnover rates. These suggestions can help.

Implement These Practices to Help with Your Manufacturing Firm’s Retention Efforts!

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Your employees’ safety must be a top priority. Maintaining a safe work environment shows your employees are valued and respected members of your team. This encourages your employees to remain long-term.

Automate as many safety procedures as possible. Automation reduces the time and effort required for employees to maintain a safe work environment. It also enhances safety because technology does not make mistakes like humans.

Consider implementing continuous improvement software to stay current on safety procedures. The software helps identify which employees completed their safety training and which employees still need to. It also lets managers and employees track safety checklists in one location.

Make Hazard Reporting Easy

Ensure your employees can easily report hazards as they are discovered. Knowing about safety concerns helps resolve them as quickly as possible. This helps reduce accidents, injuries, and illnesses and maintain productivity.

Make sure your employees can immediately alert you to issues that need to be resolved. Also, provide a centralized location for safety issues to be documented and tracked.

Quickly Respond to Safety Issues

Begin resolving safety concerns as soon as you are notified of them. This shows you care about your employees’ safety.

Consider using software with well-established workflows and a centralized tracking system for safety issues. This helps ensure problems are fixed in a timely manner and the responsible person is held accountable. Demonstrating the importance of employee safety encourages long-term employment with your manufacturing firm.

Practice Employee Recognition

Recognize your employees’ contributions and results. Include specific actions your employees took, what their results were, and the impact on your manufacturing firm. Provide a bonus, pay increase, or promotion when appropriate.

Encourage your employees to recognize each other’s skills, strengths, and accomplishments. This promotes camaraderie, collaboration, and teamwork.

Employees who feel appreciated put in additional effort to reach daily targets. This helps reach company goals.

Regular employee recognition increases engagement, performance, and productivity. It also elevates job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention rates.

Support Employee Career Development

Work with your employees to develop career paths within your manufacturing firm. Show opportunities for advancement and the criteria to qualify for promotions.

Provide the resources and support to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to move up. Having a clear career path increases employee retention.

Consider implementing skills management software to keep track of what your employees can do and what they should learn to do. This makes it easier to determine which employees can perform specific jobs. It also increases efficiency in offering promotions.

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