Finding the Right Fit for Your Culture: How to Look Past Skill and Aptitude

Finding the right fit for your culture can be more important than hiring for skills and aptitude. A candidate who aligns with your company’s mission, vision, and values is more likely to succeed than a candidate who does not.

A candidate who blends with your culture is likely to be engaged, productive, and high-performing. They also should experience strong job satisfaction, positively contribute to employee morale, and enhance retention rates. These factors strengthen your bottom line.

Implement These Tips to Find the Right Fit for Your Company’s Culture! 

Pay Attention to the Candidate’s Behavior

Focus on when a candidate shows up for their interview. Whether they are early, on time, or late provides insight into their time management skills.

Notice what a candidate does while waiting for their interview. For instance, they might play on their phone, read the plaques and awards on the wall, or page through the magazines in the lobby.

Provide the candidate with the length of the interview, then see how long their answers are. For instance, if you mention you have 15-20 minutes to talk, pay attention to whether the candidate keeps their answers short to show respect for your time.

Discuss How the Candidate Spends Their Free Time

Find out which activities the candidate enjoys engaging in during their downtime. These activities may involve family, friends, hobbies, sports, podcasts, books, or community service.

The activities the candidate dedicates their free time to impact their ability to get along with others and desire to learn. How well the candidate interacts with others and engages in learning opportunities affects their ability to collaborate and increase their value to your company.

Focus on the Candidate’s Personality

Talk with the candidate about their personality and attitudes toward company-based issues. Use your findings to determine how well a candidate would fit with your culture.

A candidate whose personality and attitude match those of your culture would feel like they are part of your team and the company’s future. This candidate likely would embrace training and promotions and remain with your organization long-term.

Uncover the Candidate’s Core Values

Consider whether the candidate’s core values, energy, and pace are similar to your team’s. Having these commonalities makes onboarding and training easier.

Having common core values provides a basis for effective decision-making. Your team members should have a balanced approach to resolving issues with little conflict.

Do You Need Help Finding Candidates Who Fit Your Culture?

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