How Vector Technical Approaches Aerospace Recruitment

Vector Technical is an expert in recruiting talent for the aerospace sector. We can identify skilled candidates who meet the unique requirements of aerospace roles. Our thorough vetting process helps you find the exact candidate fit.

Advantages of Partnering with Vector Technical for Aerospace Recruitment

Partnering with Vector Technical for aerospace recruitment provides you with many advantages:

  • Faster aerospace hiring: We have a vast, deep network of vetted aerospace candidates for you to interview.
  • Experienced aerospace candidates: We already screened, interviewed, and tested our aerospace candidates to verify their knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Specialized aerospace recruitment experience: Our extensive knowledge and experience in the aerospace field means we understand the jobs and the hard and soft skills required to excel in them.
  • Aerospace job market knowledge: We stay current on aerospace salary ranges, available skill sets, career development expectations, current hiring complexities, and market trends to set realistic client expectations and help create attractive job offers.

Receive Top Talent

Aerospace hiring managers often have difficulty filling essential positions without the help of a professional recruitment agency. Fortunately, Vector Technical’s background and know-how guarantee skilled job candidates for your company.

30 years of aerospace recruitment experience

Vector Technical has 30 years of experience in aerospace recruitment. Our strict, unparalleled, personalized recruitment process uses the PAR Excellence sourcing and screening methodology to deliver top talent.

One-of-a-kind methodology

We use our one-of-a-kind methodology to work closely with active and passive aerospace candidates. Then, we connect qualified professionals and employers who are uniquely suited to work together.

Thorough interview process

Our highly qualified aerospace candidates passed a thorough application and interview process and met specific criteria to be included in our system. These actions ensure our team provides the personal service, understanding, and care you need to hire aerospace talent.

Your Source for Aerospace Recruitment

When you need on-demand aerospace talent, Vector Technical’s team of job recruiters can provide candidates with the skills and experience to help you keep up with your company’s needs. Because aerospace roles vary in terms of education and experience, letting an aerospace recruitment agency handle the hiring process is best.

Aerospace hiring managers enjoy peace of mind when they work with us. We have the experience and know-how to ensure they are staffed with the talent they need.

Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence Advanced Aerospace Recruitment Solutions  

Traditional hiring methods do not duplicate the performance of top aerospace talent. As a result, Vector Technical created the PAR Excellence approach to hiring.

Benchmarking and assessment

PAR Excellence combines benchmarking and assessment to find and place top aerospace performers. Our process makes it easy for our clients to hire temporary, temporary-to-hire, or direct-hire aerospace employees.

Profile, Assess, Recruit

PAR Excellence is an advanced recruitment process that takes the guesswork out of aerospace candidate evaluation. We profile, assess, and recruit (PAR) candidates to provide the best matches for our clients.


  • We develop a detailed aerospace Position Profile with the hiring manager.
  • We interview current aerospace high achievers to validate their job duties, responsibilities, and skill requirements.


  • We benchmark current high-achieving aerospace employees on critical skills to determine their performance standards.
  • We calibrate the acceptable performance criteria.


  • We recruit and evaluate aerospace candidates using our defined performance benchmarks.
  • Candidates who meet or exceed our requirements are referred to our client.

PAR Excellence Difference in Aerospace Recruitment

PAR Excellence is a radical departure from traditional skill matching and instinct-based hiring. Vector Technical’s objective, performance-based process makes it easier to find top aerospace talent.

PAR Excellence ensures our clients get the right aerospace candidate the first time. As a result, our clients save time by recruiting qualified aerospace candidates who fit with the company’s culture.

Frequently Asked Questions About PAR Excellence for Aerospace Recruitment

  1. Is PAR Excellence expensive? The PAR Excellence process is available to our clients at no additional charge.
  2. Is PAR Excellence a lot of work? We require a small amount of a supervisor’s and current employees’ time to develop our benchmark data. After we finish, we save our clients time by referring only highly qualified candidates.
  3. Do you use PAR Excellence for every job order? No, but we can. PAR Excellence was designed for any role where our clients want to increase the probability of hiring a top performer. We realize the process might not be practical for every recruitment need.

Client Testimonials

Discover what our clients have to say about working with Vector Technical:

“We have worked with Vector Technical for the past 5 years. We have found Tim and his staff to be very willing to work through any situation, no matter how challenging, until finding us just the right person for the job. Whether we were looking to supplement our employee base with temporary help or recruiting to fill a full-time position, Vector Technical has been and will continue to be our first choice.” Victoria L. Savely, Human Resources Manager

“I have referred several people to Tim over the years. He is very personable and trustworthy and takes the time to understand your needs or questions. In my experience with Tim, he does things for the right reasons. In addition to these traits, he is also willing to provide insightful and knowledgeable recommendations when asked. Tim really does an excellent job of going the extra mile and is easy to work with.” Human Resources Administrator, Fortune 500 Company 

Brandon is a great find and Vector will be my one and only agency that I will work with to get other employees in here. As I stated before I will return to Vector for any more employees that we seek in the future. We have had great success with all the employees that we have hired on full-time from your facility. Once again Vector has proven to be a top-notch firm to work with to find good employees.” Chris Klesta, Plant Manager

Would You Like Help with Aerospace Recruitment?

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