Navigating Imposter Syndrome Within Your Career: How to Convince Yourself You’re Right for the Job

At some point during their careers, most professionals battle against imposter syndrome. Many people have doubts about their capabilities even when there isn’t a good reason to question their competence. Often, these negative feelings can hold a person back, causing them to hesitate when opportunities or bypass them entirely.

While imposter syndrome is common, it’s still wise to work to overcome it. If you’re worried that imposter syndrome is holding you back, here are some tips that can help you convince yourself that you’re right for the job.

Log Your Achievements

If you’re looking for a simple way to start combating imposter syndrome, creating a log of your achievements can be a great option. It gives you a record of outstanding moments in your career. Whenever you have doubts about your capabilities, you can review the log, using it as a touchstone that can boost your mindset.

In some cases, you may also want to add a strengths, talents, and skills list. Again, the purpose is to create a straightforward reminder that outlines what you bring to the table.

As a bonus, the list of achievements will also come in handy down the road. When it’s time to update your resume for a new job search, you’ll have all of the information you need.

Create an Accolades Folder

Another excellent option for battling against imposter syndrome is to create an accolades folder. This gives you a centralized place to record moments where you are praised by your manager, colleagues, or clients.

Like the achievements log, this becomes a resource. If you’re doubting what you bring to the table, you can read the accolades, helping you remember that others value your contributions.

Confront Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts have a habit of spiraling. If you want to prevent that from happening, confronting the negative thoughts is a solid option.

Begin by acknowledging the nature of the self-talk, including not just the main message but also that it’s likely an exaggeration or an unfair judgment. Next, use an evidence-based approach to combat the assumption. That could include reminding yourself of a related accomplishment or praise that was shared by someone you trust.

That process allows you to recognize that the negative thoughts aren’t accurate. Additionally, you can reassure yourself, allowing you to restore your confidence.

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