What Is the Best Way to Look for a Job While Currently Employed?

Finding a job when you’re currently working isn’t usually easy. A job search can be shockingly time-consuming, for one. For another, being discreet is often a necessity. As you don’t always want to alter your current employer, manager, or colleagues about your intention to leave.

However, even with all of the challenges, finding work in Cleveland while you’re still in another position isn’t impossible. If you’re ready to start but aren’t sure where to begin, here’s an overview of the best way to look for a job while currently employed.

Ready Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

First and foremost, it’s smart to spend a little time brushing up your resume and LinkedIn profile before you formally launch a search. That way, your application materials are at the ready, streamlining the rest of the process.

Ideally, you want to create a master resume as a starting point. With a master resume, you list any achievements you may want to showcase without concern for the document’s total length. Then, when you need to target your resume to a role, you simply remove extraneous points that don’t align directly with the position and reorder bullet points to reflect the hiring manager’s priorities, making the process more efficient.

With your LinkedIn profile, length doesn’t tend to be an issue. However, if you want to keep your job search private, you do need to exercise caution when making changes. Often, it’s best to turn off any alerts that would let your network know you’ve made adjustments to your profile. By not sharing profile edits, you’re adding a level of privacy, reducing the odds that your current employer will notice.

Identify Your Target Role and Setup Alerts

Once your resume and LinkedIn profile are ready, it’s time to determine the kind of roles you want to target. Spend some time exploring positions that could serve as the next step in your career.

Focus on jobs that feature the skills you enjoy using and the duties you’d prefer to take on as those likely align best with what you’d want to land. Next, review the requirements for those positions, allowing you to determine if what you bring to the table is a solid match.

Once you do that, you can use keywords you identify in the postings to create job alerts. This will automate part of your search as you’ll get a notification whenever something that matches your criteria appears on that specific site. Then, you can review those notices, assess the fit, and decide if you want to apply, all without having to comb through long search lists day after day.

Partner with a Recruitment Firm

Often, the easiest way to handle a job search when you’re currently employed is by working with a recruitment agency. The recruiter can serve as a job search ally, helping to identify opportunities that align with your needs and preferences. Plus, they can assist you with resume targeting, interview preparation, and more, making it easier to position yourself as an ideal candidate.

Are You Looking for a New Job in Cleveland?

If you’re trying to find work in Cleveland, partnering with a staffing agency is a smart move. By contacting the recruitment team at Vector Technical Inc., you can begin your job search immediately.

If you want to start the process without delay, you can also head to our website. There, you can learn more about our open jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, and you can even submit your online application, allowing you to get the ball rolling today.