What Are the Best Jobs in Cleveland Right Now?

Anyone looking for jobs in Cleveland right now could use a little help. With so many jobs, and so many employers reaching out to all available workers, job seekers have never had so many options at their fingertips. 

It’s a labor market that has some job seekers wondering if there are actually too many choices. 

For workers who may be experiencing option paralysis, this blog is for you. We’ve got the inside track to some of the fastest-growing industries with the most promising futures in the greater Cleveland area. Read on to learn how making an informed decision now could set you up for the career (and the future) of your dreams.  

What are the Best Jobs in Cleveland? 

A recent local article indicated how IT and Manufacturing are some of Cleveland’s biggest growth sectors right now. 

Full disclosure: we might be biased toward manufacturing, but for a good reason. Job seekers only need to visit our job search page to see how hot Cleveland’s manufacturing industry is right now. Just the sheer number of positions available, from contract to hire to direct hire positions, is a great indicator that manufacturing is providing some of the most promising careers in the state. 

But understanding why manufacturing is one of the best options takes a little digging. Because manufacturing is so vastly different than other industries, it’s important to consider what’s right for you now and compare that with what’s right for you in the short a long-term future?  

Why More Cleveland Workers are Opting for Manufacturing 

In short, three reasons: 

  1. Requirements to get into the industry 
  1. There’s incredible growth potential in manufacturing 
  1. A future many consider brighter, with more autonomy 

You might have heard how many workers are frustrated by an inability to break into “prestigious” industries like IT and tech. It’s much more common these days that workers are now openly annoyed at how many entry-level positions require 2-3 years experience. Workers want to know what comes first—the job, or the experience? 

When looking at the openings for jobs in manufacturing, one thing becomes evident right away—“entry-level” means just that. There is an abundance of jobs that only require a high school diploma or equivalent education, a valid driver’s license, and a can-do attitude in order to get hired.  

While some employers may require certifications like forklift or CNC operation, many offer on-the-job training to get workers up to speed as quickly as possible. Workers can find plenty of paid apprenticeship opportunities that can set them up for even greater potential in the future. 

Growth Potential and a Brighter Future 

Manufacturing is one of the few remaining industries that still hold to the notion that work is truly what you make of it. Workers are only inhibited by their own willingness to show up, do good work, and to learn and try new things. 

In manufacturing, workers who demonstrate a commitment to quality workmanship, an ability to grow their technical skills, and enthusiasm for building their career are finding their careers are taking off. More importantly, they’re heading in a direction that looks a lot better than other industries. 

After years of growth, a career in manufacturing can lead dedicated workers to more independence and autonomy. And unlike other industries, manufacturing has a much clearer path by which workers can conceivably secure partial or total autonomy, like a Journeyman Machinist or Manufacturing Manager—rewarding jobs with great earning potential 

Vector Technical Can Help You Find the Best Jobs in Cleveland 

Manufacturing is growing like never before. And here in Cleveland, it’s a uniquely advantageous time and place to get started in one of the most promising industries in the nation. 

The need for skilled, entrepreneurial workers is real. Employers are only too willing to help workers realize their potential for growth at a pace and towards a goal that’s right for the individual.  

If you’re looking for a career that offers better entry-level options, higher pay, and a brighter future, contact Vector Technical today!