How Maintaining Strong Training Programs Can Help Retain and Strengthen Your Workforce

Maintaining strong training programs can help retain and strengthen your workforce. These programs are especially important now as more employees are leaving their jobs for better opportunities.

The American Upskilling Study: Empowering Workers for the Jobs of Tomorrow, conducted by Gallup in 2021, showed that 65% of the over 15,000 US adult respondents found employer-provided upskilling to be very important when evaluating a potential job. Also, 48% of respondents stated they would switch to a new job if offered skills training opportunities.

Offering strong training programs shows support for career planning within your organization. Having progression opportunities encourages employees to remain long-term with your company.

Follow these guidelines to maintain strong training programs to help retain and strengthen your workforce.

Evaluate Your Training Needs

Determine what the training needs are for your employees and your organization. Include the skills needed to close the gaps in your workforce:

  • Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce. Include their skills and those needed to increase productivity and career progression.
  • Talk with managers about their training needs. Include the skills that teams lack and how training programs can help with development.
  • Offer professional development opportunities, such as learning a new language. Show employees that you value their career growth.

Customize Your Training Programs

Offer micro-learning opportunities tailored to employees’ needs. These programs may include short videos, online training, mentoring, and other options that fit diverse learning styles.

Employees can choose training programs that fit their professional goals and interests. Supporting career progression encourages employees to remain long-term with your organization.

Communicate Your Training Programs

Develop a strong communication plan to inform employees about your company’s training programs. This plan may be advertised on your company website, regularly discussed by managers, and actively supported by employees participating in the programs. Include opportunities for constructive feedback to improve the programs.

Boost Your Company Culture

Prioritizing strong training programs strengthens your company’s culture. Showing that you value learning and development supports an environment that welcomes employees and encourages them to improve their performance for career advancement.

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