How to Meet With Your Team to Consistently Reiterate Health and Wellness While at Work

Health and wellness are on people’s minds. The COVID-19 brought many concerns to the forefront while also introducing a new source of stress.

Managers need to make health and wellness part of the workplace conversation. Whether you manage a permanent team, freelancers, or contract hires through staffing vendors in Cleveland, if you want to find ways to meet with your team to reinforce critical messages, here are some tips that can help.

Tools to Help You Discuss Health and Wellness

If you want to make health and wellness part of the conversation, you have to find suitable opportunities. One of the easiest ways is to have short discussions during team meeting video calls. For example, you can start the meeting off with a quick tip or introduce a subject that can be the center of a brief chat, inviting everyone to join the conversation.

You can also add health and wellness tips to your email signature or in a banner on intranet pages. If you use collaboration software, pin a daily message to the top, allowing you to share an interesting tidbit in a way that won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Finally, when you check in with your team, ask questions to gauge their wellbeing. This could include requesting insights about their workload, mindset, or anything else. That way, if they are struggling, you can have a conversation and offer appropriate support.

Health and Wellness Topics to Cover With Your Team

While any health and wellness topic could be fair game, focusing on subjects that are particularly relevant in regards to remote work can be a smart move. Telecommuting introduces challenges that may not otherwise exist in the workplace, so talking about how to address them is appropriate.

What you talk about can vary depending on your team’s needs. However, certain subjects may be universal. For example, you may want to discuss time management tips to make it easier to remain productive. Stress reduction is always a hot topic, as well as work/life balance, healthy eating, and the benefits of exercise.

It may also be wise to talk about the drawbacks of the always-on mindset, something that can quickly set it when working from home. Along with encouraging everyone to disconnect when their day is done, also make sure that no one feels that they are expected to be available 24/7. That way, your team will spend some time rejuvenating, reducing their odds of burnout.

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