Improve Your Listening Skills to Develop as a Leader

Leadership isn’t just about telling employees what to do. While guidance and delegation certainly come with the territory, making sure your employees feel heard is crucial. Similarly, gathering their input when you’re working outside of your area of expertise can be vital, particularly when it comes to sound decision-making.

Whether you oversee a permanent team or a workforce comprised of short-term workers through services providing Blah hiring support in Akron, Ohio, improving your listening skills is a smart move. If you are wondering how your listening skills can make you a better leader, here’s what you need to know.

Listening is Caring

When employees believe that their managers care about them, their performance improves. By listening to your team’s concerns and ideas, you are demonstrating that you value their perspective. It allows you to come across as supportive and connected, both of which play in your favor.

Along with listening to your employees’ workplace-related concerns, engage with them when they share personal matters or general opinions as well. Be invested in your team’s overall well-being, and try to support them in any way possible.

Listening Spurs Ideas

Innovation is critical for most businesses if they are going to succeed. However, your team can only help you craft intriguing solutions if you listen to what they share.

Many professionals are initially active when it comes to coming up with creative solutions. But if their ideas aren’t heard and genuinely considered, over time, they become less engaged in the process. In a worst-case scenario, talented employees eventually entirely withdraw.

By listening, you aren’t just creating opportunities to learn about something new; you are supporting creativity and innovation. Your engagement forges a positive experience, increasing the odds that your team will continue to actively participate in brainstorming sessions or solution-driving discussions over time.

Now, you don’t have to follow through with every idea for this approach to work. Instead, you need to take it in, discuss it appropriately, and share that, while you appreciate their input, the idea won’t be pursued, along with a reason why.

Listening Lets You Learn

Even if you’ve been in your field for some time, there’s a decent chance you don’t know everything. Additionally, many managers oversee teams comprised of several skillsets. Even if you were a strong individual contributor in one area as you rose through the ranks, there might be others that are somewhat unfamiliar to you.

If you don’t listen to team members who have expertise in areas outside of yours, you’re missing out on a learning opportunity. They could give you insights that make you more effective professionally or that help you find better solutions. At times, they may even be able to solve problems that have eluded you. However, this can only happen if you genuinely take in what they are sharing, accept that they may know something you don’t, and incorporate that new knowledge into your decision-making processes.

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