5 Ways to Show Your Staff They Are Appreciated

Showing your permanent employees and temporary hires from staffing agencies in Wickliffe Ohio that you appreciate them it essential. Recognition can dramatically boost morale and productivity, making it a powerful tool. If you aren’t sure how to acknowledge the efforts of your team, here are five easy ways to show them that you appreciate their efforts. 


1. Free Food

When it comes to employee recognition, free food is practically a guaranteed hit. After all, everyone has to eat, and the ability to have a meal on the company dime is universally appreciated. 

Plus, you have plenty of easy options. Bring in donuts and coffee for breakfast or have pizza delivered for lunch. If you want to go further, have a sit-down meal catered or take your team to a restaurant. Just make sure that there are options for any employees with dietary restrictions. That way, everyone can enjoy the treat. 

2. Paid Time Off

A little extra paid time off is a great way to show your staff that you appreciate them. You could provide them with a personal holiday that they can use during the year, shut the workplace down early on the day before a holiday, or use any other approach that makes sense. As long as your team is being paid while they are away from work, they’ll likely enjoy the reward. 

3. Gift Cards

If you want to provide your staff with gifts but don’t have the ability to choose one for each team member, consider going the gift card route. If you focus on popular retailers or stores and restaurants that you know your employees frequent, you’ll hit the mark. 

When you give the gift card, consider placing it in a thank you card. That way, you can include a short note expressing your gratitude. 

4. Do Something Fun

Having a fun team outing can be great for team-building and showing your appreciation. Consider taking everyone out for some mini-golf, laser tag, or another quirky activity. Just make sure that you hold it during work hours, if possible. An after-hours event might feel like a burdensome obligation, which defeats the purpose, so keep it during the day if you can. 

5. Say “Thank You”

Sometimes, simple gestures go a long way. By making gratitude part of your routine, you can have a significant impact on morale. When you offer a thank you, make it specific. Let the employee know what action or achievement you appreciate, as that makes them feel seen while also reinforcing what you’d like to see in the future. 

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