Best Advice for Managing Your Time

As a manager, using your time wisely is a must. While you might have already cut down your recruitment time by partnering with staffing firms in Cleveland, Ohio when you need to fill a role, there’s still more you can do to increase your efficiency. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here is some of the best advice for managing your time. 

Identify Your Time Wasters

Nearly everyone has a time-waster or two that make an appearance during their workday. Maybe you get lost in your social media account, become distracted by incoming texts, or find yourself caught in a YouTube vortex regularly.

Whatever it is that’s causing you to lose focus, you need to identify it. That way, you know what your go-to time wasters are and can find ways to block them. For example, you might turn off your social media notifications at work, silence incoming personal texts, or avoid heading to YouTube.

Make Every Task a Calendar Event

If you want to make sure that you are allocating enough time to critical tasks, make every activity a calendar event. When you do, you are blocking out time in your schedule to handle each responsibility. Plus, you can set up reminders to go off to ensure you don’t forget something important or to catch your attention if you got distracted.

Embrace “No”

It can be hard to decline requests and invitations. However, if you are constantly pressed for time, learning to say “no” might let you reclaim your days.

If a commitment genuinely doesn’t fit into your schedule, align with your priorities, or fall into your area of responsibilities, decline. This allows you to focus your time on what matters most to you, ensuring you can achieve your objectives above all else.

Stop Multi-Tasking

For the vast majority of people, multi-tasking is an unachievable myth. Instead of handling several activities at once, you’re actually rapidly shifting your focus. The issue with this approach is that every time you move to a different task, you have to acclimate yourself to it. This costs you valuable time and diminishes the quality of your work.

Instead of multi-tasking, focus on one activity at a time. Concentrate on it solely by eliminating potential distractions (like unnecessary notifications), finding a quiet space, and otherwise creating an opportunity for full immersion. Not only will the quality of your outputs increase, but you’ll also complete tasks in less time.

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