The Overlooked Value of Face-To-Face Networking and Why We Need to Get Back to It

In today’s digital world filled with social networks, the idea that networking face-to-face is necessary seems antiquated. After all, with a few simple clicks and some speedy typing, people can connect with other professionals from all across the globe in a matter of minutes. This makes digital networking seem more efficient, leading many to favor the approach. 

However, failing to take time to network face-to-face can come with consequences. Connecting purely over digital platforms isn’t ideal for making a strong connection, partially because it inherently feels impersonal or even sterile. Whether you are looking jobs in Perry, Ohio, or simply want to maintain a solid network, getting together in real life is an essential part of the process. Here’s why. 

Complete Communication 

Nearly every professional has had a misunderstanding during a text-based conversation. Since written communications don’t offer many of the social cues that can help a person discern the intended meaning of a conversation, it is easy to misinterpret what is being said, resulting in some uncomfortable situations. 

When you network in-person, you get the benefit of verbal and non-verbal communication. Along with the words being used, there is also the ability to assess a person’s body language and tone. Since the dialogue is more complete, it is easier to ensure that everyone is being understood. 

A More Memorable Experience with Face to Face Networking

Most professionals read a shocking number of text-based communications each day. Often, it is hard to mentally separate these discussions, making it easier to forget who said what as the conversations begin to blur together. 

When you network face-to-face, the experience is more memorable. The other person (or people) involved can mentally connect what is being said with a face and a voice. This creates a stronger association between you and the content of the conversation. 

Essentially, the personal connection when you network in-person is stronger. You aren’t just words on a screen; you’re a whole person who engaged in a genuine conversation. 

Real-Time Discussions 

Nearly all digital dialogues have delays. One person writes a message and then waits for the other person to reply. Then, the positions of the participants are reversed. This approach makes it challenging to develop a conversational flow, something that can hinder the building of a relationship. 

Face-to-face networking promotes dynamic, real-time discussions. Everyone can actively participate in the moment, asking or answering questions, providing input, or others engaging in a natural way. It also makes it easier for the discussion to evolve or head in a new direction, something that can feel forced or awkward in writing. 

Ultimately, networking face-to-face comes with a human connection, allowing the discussions to ebb and flow naturally and enabling stronger relationships. You can feed off of the energy of others, put your personality on display, and stay completely engaged, increasing the odds that the experience will be memorable for everyone involved. 

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