Can Your Alumni Network Help You Land Your Next Job or Is Just a Group of Old Buddies?

Most job seekers know that networking can be a critical part of finding jobs in Mentor, Ohio or anywhere else. While many focus on their professional network, college graduates also have access to another resource; their alumni network. 

College alumni networks give grads a way to stay connected with other people who attended their school. While some may assume it is largely social, it can also be a powerful tool during a job search. 

If you are wondering whether your alumni network can help you land your next job, here’s what you need to know. 

Searchable Databases 

If your college hosts an alumni database, the information is typically highly searchable. You can look for graduates based on their location, major, profession, employer, and more. Plus, you’ll often find contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, making it easy to reach out. 

Essentially, if the person was willing to share the data with the alumni network, they understand that others may reach out based on those details. In a way, it’s an open invitation to send an email or otherwise network with them, so you don’t have to feel awkward about saying hello. 

The Alumni Connection 

Your alumni network is filled with graduates, some of whom are well into their careers. Since you automatically have something in common (your school), many of these professionals are open to talking to other grads and sharing their knowledge or lending a hand. 

While you don’t necessarily want to reach out and ask for a job immediately, initiating a conversation to build the relationship is fairly simple. All you need to do is let them know that you are a fellow graduate and would like their insight into the field or if they would be open to sharing any tips. You could also request to set up an informational interview, which is essentially a conversation where you can learn about their career and how they progressed into the role they have today. 

Once you develop a rapport, they may clue you into opportunities that have crossed their radar. Additionally, they may have recommendations on where you can look for positions, often based on the resources that provided them with the most success. 

Ultimately, your alumni network is a valuable job search resource, as long as you use it properly. By focusing on relationship building first, you can craft meaningful connections with other professionals who may be able to help you as you navigate your career. 

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