How to Hire Quickly While Still Hiring Effectively

When you have a vacant position, getting it filled is as quick as possible is typically a priority. After all, an open job means your team may be shorthanded or could hinder overall productivity and profitability. 

Even if you want to hire fast, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a right-fit candidate. Putting a subpar candidate in the position can come with consequences, particularly if their lack of capability harms the rest of their team. 

Luckily, it is possible to find the right job seeker in a short time frame while still making an effective choice. Whether you find top talent through staffing firms in Mentor, Ohio, or rely on other recruitment sources, here are some tips that can help you hire quickly without sacrificing quality. 

Know What You Need 

When many hiring managers create a vacancy announcement, they include a laundry list of skill and experience requirements that reflect their needs and their wants. Since many candidates won’t apply to a job unless they meet all of the qualifications, you could be missing out on highly skilled professionals who could excel in the role. 

If you need to hire fast, drill down to the genuine essentials. Consider what your new hire needs to know on day one and what can be refined over time. Then, only include what you actually require in the must-haves list. 

Streamline Your Application 

Many professionals won’t complete a lengthy application process. If you are expecting candidates to submit a resume and fill out your application, some will become frustrated and abandon ship. Similarly, if you ask several essay questions, in-demand job seekers won’t bother to finish either. 

Ideally, you want your application to be as streamlined as possible. Create a spot for uploading a resume and make the application optional (allowing those who don’t have a resume ready to use that as an alternative). Limit the essay questions to only one or two that are genuinely critical for the early screening process, and plan to touch on other points only when you narrow down the top candidates and schedule interviews. 

Perform Due Diligence Steps 

Even in the direst of circumstances, never skip essential screening steps. For example, don’t bypass reference checks or background screenings, as you could end up with a bad hire because you didn’t take a few minutes to complete these processes. Similarly, if education is critical, make sure to verify the candidate’s degree before you extend an offer. 

Do You Need to Hire Top Talent Quickly and Effectively? 

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