Four Podcasts to Help Boost Your Job Search

Managing a job search can be challenging. Often, you have to familiarize yourself with a variety of resources and make sure that your approach to securing a new position matches with today’s trends and preferences.

As you begin looking for advice, you might not have time to sit down and read all of the articles discussing the latest and greatest techniques for landing Mentor, Ohio jobs. And that’s where podcasts come in.

There is a range of podcasts that can help you boost your job search, allowing you to listen to the content even while on the go. To help you get started, here are four podcasts to try.

Career Cloud Radio

Whether you are new to the job search scene or are a seasoned professional looking for new opportunities, it never hurts to brush up on the fundamentals. Career Cloud Radio has been doling out information since 2007 and provides a wide variety of actionable advice that can help anyone feel more prepared and capable as they apply for new positions.

Everything from resume creation to interview questions to salary negotiations is discussed in the wide range of episodes, so you are almost certain to find something that will help your job search.

The Pitch

Ultimately, job seekers have to market themselves to potential employers, and The Pitch has information that will help you do just that. While many of the episodes discuss marketing business ideas, the concepts are incredibly applicable to job searches. You’ll learn what it takes to sell an idea to someone else, and that really is what a job interview is all about.

How Did You Get Into That

A lot of professionals have career aspirations but don’t necessarily understand what it takes to land their perfect job. How Did You Get Into That features interviews with people in a variety of unique careers, letting you find out the path they took to land in those positions or start a particular kind of business.

The show isn’t producing new episodes, but all of their past podcasts are saved in an archive online.

Manager Tools

Whether you are interested in climbing the corporate ladder or taking your first step into management, Manager Tools covers information relevant to working in today’s leadership roles. The podcast can help you improve your management skills in areas like performance reviews and coaching, as well as increasing your understanding of workplace etiquette.

The information is presented in such as way as to make it highly accessible, even to professionals who have never worked in a management role, but is also helpful to those working in leadership roles now, providing insights into how they can improve their skills.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Career?

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