Be Prepared for Your Interview, Not Just Lucky

Some job seekers who feel confident in their skills and experience are reluctant to spend time preparing for an interview. They believe they have the knowledge to answer any question on the fly, but that can be a dangerous assumption to make.

Preparing for an interview goes beyond knowing common interview questions and selecting the right attire. It also involves research and planning, particularly if you want to perform well when the time arrives.

Whether you have your eyes on one of the coveted Lubrizol jobs or any other opportunity in the area, here are some tips to help you prepare for your interview.

Learn About the Company

If you want to understand a company’s priorities and goals, giving you a chance to adjust your responses to best-reflect what they are looking for, then you need to do some research. This can include heading to the organization’s website to review their products or services, reading their mission statements, and looking over any recent news about their accomplishments. You can also check their social media posts to further insights.

This will give valuable information that allows you to understand the bigger picture, making it easier to answer the interview questions in a way that speaks directly to their needs and goals.

Quantify Your Experiences

While being able to talk about your skills and abilities is certainly a necessity, a response can be more powerful when it is quantified. This involves discussing numbers, increases, percentages and dollar amounts that reflect your success in your previous roles.

Quantifying your experiences is a method for increasing the impact of your answers to key interview questions about your performance on the job, providing needed scale, so make sure to offer hard numbers whenever possible.

Mind Your Body Language

Often, your body language says just as much, if not more, than what comes out of your mouth. While you may have the words associated with a particular response memorized, even the best-crafted answer won’t be well received if your body language contradicts what you are saying.

Instead of just learning your responses, practice them out loud in front of a mirror while you are in a seated position. This allows you to see how you are moving and positioning yourself, ensuring that your body language supports your answers instead of working against them.

Take a Moment to Relax

Before you head into your interview, make sure to take a moment to relax. This can include sitting in your car and doing some deep breathing exercises or calling a trusted friend, family member, or person from your professional network for a quick pep talk.

This helps you get your head in the right place before you walk in, ensuring that your nerves don’t get the best of you.

Are You Ready for a New Job?

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