Leading Different Personalities: Part 1 – Understanding the Process Driven Employee

While every employee is unique, they often fall into basic categories when it comes to their fundamental workplace personality. Often, these primary divisions dictate how they approach their day as well as what sort of environment will help them reach their greatest level of success. If you are interested in helping them excel in their positions, it is critical to understand how they function at work and what they will ultimately need from you.

Whether you are hiring employees on your own or working with temp agencies in Mentor, Ohio, here are some tips to help you manage different personalities at work, understand the process-driven employee and how they fit into your company.

Identifying Characteristics of Process-Driven Employees

Process-driven employees, as the name suggests, value the process over anything else in the workplace. They believe in strict guidelines and look to solidified procedures to help steer their efforts while fulfilling their duties. Often, the work is completed sequentially. The employee works through each step until the end is reached, rarely missing a single point along the way.

These workers also thrive in workplaces that favor order, organization, and consistency. They also prefer businesses with clear hierarchies.

Advantages of Process-Driven Employees

Since process-driven employees are adept at following instructions, they are often well-equipped to complete tasks independently as long as the necessary guidelines are in place. These workers prefer to stick to a routine, and will happily work through the process from beginning to end with little to no input.

With priority being given to the process, these workers will generally produce consistent results as they are driven to complete tasks in an organized and predetermined matter. For tasks that must be repeated on a regular basis and with a level of precision, a process-driven employee may be the ideal candidate.

Drawbacks of Process-Driven Employees

A process-driven employee isn’t going to be as quick to adapt to changes in the procedures associated with their work. They aren’t inclined to skip steps, even if it improves efficiency and obtains the same result. Additionally, they are more likely to need support should an unexpected event interrupt the prescribed process.

Further, their results will be guided by the quality of the process and not necessarily their personal capacity. If the procedure is flawed, their results will be lacking in corresponding ways. Process-driven employees are also more likely to let the results take a backseat, favoring the process regardless of whether it actually leads to the best outcome.

Process-driven employees can be valuable assets to a team as long as their need to follow procedure is balanced by workers who focus on results and are willing to think outside the box. When that occurs, you may find process-driven employees are reliable and dedicated, and won’t skip steps in highly complex procedures.


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