Leading Different Personalities: Part 4 – Understanding Introverts

Many people assume introverts are shy or socially awkward based on their interactions (or lack there of) with others. However, that isn’t always accurate. Introverted employees often prefer to think first and act second, leading them to be overshadowed by those who thrive in the spotlight. To help you get the most of your workforce whether you hire internally or using temp agencies in Painesville, Ohio, here’s what you need to know about leading introverts.

Recognize They Are Deep Thinkers

Introverts traditionally take information in and mull it over before choosing a course of action. To make the most of their deep-thinking tendencies, give them an opportunity to digest information after it is presented. Don’t be afraid to slow things down, and provide them with a brief period to consider the facts before expecting a response.

This gives them a chance to process everything they’ve learned and provide a measured response based on thorough consideration.

Communicate Key Information in Writing

Most introverted workers prefer to avoid large gatherings, especially if things can be somewhat chaotic or fast-paced. That means, presenting critical information in meetings that allow interjections for those attending can be a bit overwhelming to introverts.

Instead of giving the information verbally only, make sure that written communication is also used. This gives introverts a chance to review the details and absorb the information, giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Let Them Work Solo

Unlike extroverts, introverts often thrive when allowed to work on their own. This means assignments that require deep analysis and an independent approach are ideal for their personalities. So, if you have a solo project that requires significant, dedicated attention, consider your introverted employees for the job first. Often, they’ll be thrilled to be offered the chance to work on their own, and it saves your extroverted workers from having to be separated from the group.

Give Them an Update Schedule

Since introverts tend to be very internal, they might forget to keep you apprised of their progress. However, this tendency can be offset by creating a clear schedule for updates about their projects or tasks. By giving them concrete instruction about your expectations, they understand what you need from them to feel secure about their performance. Then, these employees can check-in regularly without having to do so spontaneously.

Balance Their Teams with Extroverts

When assigned to a team for a project, it’s imperative that the group include a mix of introverts and extroverts. This gives the members a chance to adjust tasks based on personal preferences and the strengths in their personalities. For examples, the introverts may prefer deep analysis while the extroverts may jump at the chance to manage presentations. This lets the group make up for the shortcomings of individuals more effectively, creating the best results.

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