How to Start Overcoming the Most Common Workplace Fears

At some point in your career, you’ll likely face some uncertainty. Whether you focus on second shift jobs in Cleveland or a traditional day shift, many of these concerns are universal. To help you deal with the anxiety, here are some methods for overcoming the most common workplace fears that could be holding you back.

Job Loss or Stagnation

One fear most people encounter during their working lives is that they may lose their job or become stagnant in a company. These concerns can stem from organizational instability, questions about how your performance is perceived, or just good old-fashioned insecurity.

Often, the first step to alleviate these feelings is to make sure you are working hard to perform your assigned tasks to the best of your ability. You also want to stay apprised of industry trends that may affect your position, and consider seeking additional responsibilities to demonstrate your interest in playing a critical role within the business.

You also want to stay aware of your behavior while at work. Maintaining a positive attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond can help you stand out in a positive way. This can increase job security and improve your odds of being selected for advancement opportunities.

Hidden Agendas

Many people fear the unknown, and the motivations of other members of the company’s workforce can often feel like a bit of a mystery. Being concerned that co-workers or members of management have hidden agendas can lead you to feel paranoid and political undertones can be hard to evaluate objectively, creating additional anxiety.

One of the easiest methods of addressing these concerns is to make sure you are aligning yourself with the right people on the job. You can also work to improve your skills and performance, making it harder for those who may be working against you to gain any footing. Always aim to outperform those around you, but keep your attitude friendly and cooperative. Then, you can create a level of immunity to these uncertainties.

Suppressing Your “Real Self”

A surprising number of people fear they can’t be themselves on the job. Many workers try to be the kind of people management or their co-workers expect, which may work in opposition to portions of their personality. This can negatively affect your sense of confidence and may impact your performance.

To overcome this concern, you need to understand that your unique identity can be a source of strength. Identify your traits that can act as assets and use them to demonstrate your value. Over time, the people around you will begin to embrace you based on these aspects of your personality, allowing you to perform at your best and feel comfortable at the same time.

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