Leading Different Personalities: Part 3 – Understanding the Extroverts

When people think of extroverts, they typically picture someone who is highly social and outgoing. While that is often true, there is much more to this personality type than a willingness to talk and network. These workers, including permanent staff and those from temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, derive energy from those around them, allowing them to be critical components of a team, but they can also be more open to risk than the average person and may be perceived as rash by those unfamiliar with their style. To help your extroverts excel at work, here are some tips for leading them to success.

Get Them Involved in Group Initiatives

Since extroverts have a social nature, they often perform well when asked to participate in group work. Brainstorming sessions and problem-solving meetings allow them to discuss their ideas with others, giving them a comfortable format in which to contribute to larger goals. Just make sure they don’t dominate the conversations, as that can leave other team members frustrated.

Let Them Talk Through Challenges

Extroverts also tend to be highly verbal, using speech to help them organize their thoughts and solve problems. If you want to allow these employees to shine, give them avenues for active discussion in the workplace. Not only can this help them be more creative, but it allows others to provide feedback and evaluate their approach before official decisions are made.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

In most cases, extroverts are adept at reading non-verbal cues and body language. This makes it especially important to be conscious of your actions and facial expressions when speaking with these employees, as they will integrate the additional information into what is being said, causing them to color the conversation accordingly unconsciously.

Recharge Their Energy

When an extrovert has been working on a project alone for a period, their energy levels can easily dwindle. To help keep them enthusiastic and at their best, intersperse their day with opportunities to work with others. For example, after spending an hour creating a report, give them a task that has them working with other members of the team. You can also make sure that solo work is scheduled near times that are typically more social, such as right before lunch, so they can restore their motivation as part of the natural flow of their day.

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