What Job Seekers Want | 3 Bonuses that AREN’T Money

One would think that offering a little more money to a candidate in order to sweeten a job offer is enough. Turns out, it’s not. A 2013 Glassdoor study revealed that candidates are looking for more than just a salary when it comes to accepting job offers. Interestingly enough, the top perks of employment aren’t cash at all.

So, do you know what job seekers want? Here are 3 bonuses that money cannot buy.

Career Growth Opportunities

The Glassdoor survey advised that 52 percent of job seekers valued upward mobility and career growth opportunities above everything else, like salary and benefits. When creating job offers, it’s critical then to have a clearly mapped out career growth strategy in place so that every person feels he or she will be going places. Include a strong learning and development plan so that employees can learn to earn more too.

Flexible Work Arrangements

The workplace is changing rapidly. Working all the time and not having a life outside of the office is a thing of the past. The Millennials have transformed their careers by preferring plenty of flexible working schedules, the opportunity to work from home, and a chance to have more work-life balance. Make this a bonus and see how it appeals to a larger number of candidates.

Workplace Wellness

People are leading healthier and longer lives than ever before. This emphasis comes from both younger and older candidates, who are seeking employers who place value not only on their financial well being, but also their physical and mental well-being. A corporate wellness program is a nice non-cash incentive to offer to candidates, and it’s relatively easy to implement.

The above perks and bonuses are what today candidates want in order to be happy and successful at work. Be sure to add them to your recruitment strategy.

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