Chemical Operator Salary Trends in the United States and Ohio

Interested in pursuing a stable career in the STEM world that also offers above average working conditions and earnings? Perhaps it’s time to explore the rewarding career of Chemical Operators. Let’s take a look at Chemical Operator Salary Trends in the United States and Ohio and where the best jobs are to be found.

Chemical Operator Salary Trends in the United States and Ohio

According to recent data from, Chemical Operator Salary Trends are available. As of 2016, Chemical Operators around the USA are averaging $49.371 annually. With benefits, bonuses, and other perks offered by employers, Chemical Operators can expect to earn around $71,344 in total compensation. In just the Columbus, Ohio region, Chemical Operators are making $48,482 and topping out at around $61,850 before benefits. After bonuses, benefits, and other employment perks are added up, Columbus Ohio Chemical Operators are earning around $70,178 annually.

Career Outlook for Chemical Operators

The U.S. Department of Labor indicates that Chemical Operator jobs are growing at an average pace, with areas like Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio offering the most opportunities. Just in 2014 alone, some 66,500 new jobs were created. Chemical Operators and related careers are expected to provide at least 1,200 more jobs just for lab technicians in the coming year.

Job Requirements for Chemical Operators

Getting a job as a Chemical Operators often happens through on-the-job training efforts. Entry level positions can be found for those with a high school diploma, but for more specialized positons, such as for Chemical Engineers, additional training and a minimum Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry is required. A solid knowledge of industrial chemical safety and handling is a must.

Job Openings for Chemical Operators in Ohio

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