3 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Improve Your Confidence and Increase Your Hirability

Phone interviews are starting to become the norm in the recruitment world. Many hiring managers turn to phone interviews to screen candidates before they bring them in for personal interviews. This helps them to weed out unsuitable candidates and it saves money and time on travel and other aspects of face-to-face interviews. It’s absolutely critical then that job seekers learn how to be effective with phone interviews, so they sound confident and come across as a candidate that should move into the next phase of interviews.

But, if you are nervous on the phone, how can you make the impression of being confident? We want to help.

3 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Improve Your Confidence and Increase Your Ability to be Hired

Schedule uninterrupted Time for the Phone Interview

When you take your phone interview, be sure to find a quiet area to take the call and schedule at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted time. This can be challenging if you are currently working, but you do not want to rush this and you cannot afford to be interrupted during the call. Be mindful of background noise too.

Practice Introducing Yourself and Your Skills by Phone

Take the time to develop a 10-second introduction for yourself so you can be comfortable speaking about yourself with confidence. You will want to start with stating your name clearly, sharing your industry background, and something interesting about yourself. Be ready to answer general interview questions, and build rapport.

Smile and be Mindful of Your Voice When on the Phone

When engaged in a telephone interview, the only thing you have going for you is your voice. Be sure and speak clearly, take your time answering questions, and watch out for any heavy breathing or stuffiness in your voice. Smile often as you speak so you sound enthusiastic on the phone. Be sure of yourself and use positive words.

The above tips are yours to use as you take on a telephone interview. These should help you sound better and more focused, which will result in a face-to-face interview.

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