What Are the Most Necessary Items to Include on a Resume?

When you’re looking for a new job, getting your resume in order is essential. Whether you’re applying directly to companies or looking for opportunities through employment agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, providing a resume is a standard part of most application processes. It serves as your introduction, giving hiring managers and recruiters insights into what you have to offer.

Ideally, certain items should be in every resume. If you want to make sure you cover all of the most critical pieces of information, here’s what you need to include on your resume.

Contact Information

Forgetting your contact information is a major mistake. Without your contact details at the top of your resume, the employer doesn’t know whose application they’re reviewing.

Ideally, you should include your name, phone number, and email address at a minimum. You might also want to list your city and state, as well as a link to your LinkedIn profile, though those aren’t technically necessary.


Every resume you submit should be targeted to the role you want to land. Typically, this means including various keywords from the job ad or, if you’re working with a recruiter, ones that apply to your industry and field.

When you’re looking for keywords, start with anything included on the must-haves list. Those reflect the skills and experiences the hiring manager wants to find. Plus, those are usually the words and phrases an ATS will scan for when reviewing your application, increasing the odds you’ll pass the initial screening.


When you write your professional summary and work history, focus on your accomplishments, not your duties. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t want a rundown of the role’s responsibilities. Instead, they want to see how you put your skills to work to achieve goals and help the company flourish.

Choose accomplishments that best showcase your relevant capabilities. With that approach, you can position yourself as a stronger candidate, increasing the odds you’ll get called in for an interview.

Career Narrative

You want your resume to tell the story of your career. As you choose points to include, make sure they all play a role in a singular message and guide the hiring manager or recruiter through your career progression in an engaging way.


On a resume, numbers speak louder than words. They stand out visually and give the hiring manager critical insights about your capabilities.

As you list achievements in your professional summary and work history, quantify the details whenever possible. Not only will the numbers draw the hiring manager’s eye to those areas, but they’ll also provide valuable context that can help you stand out from the pack.

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