Three Tips to Improve Your Virtual Meetings

Running a virtual meeting comes with challenges that you don’t encounter when you gather in-person. If you don’t manage them properly, the quality of the experience can diminish greatly.

Luckily, with a few simple changes, you can significantly improve your virtual meetings. Whether you are speaking with permanent team members or contractors from staffing agencies in Wickliffe, Ohio, here are three tips that can take your virtual meetings to the next level.

Use Everyone’s Names

If you have a virtual meeting with more than one other participant, make sure to use people’s names. Not only can this improve rapport and enhance relationships, but it also reduces confusion.

For example, if you ask a question that a specific participant needs to answer, but you don’t use their name, it may not be clear who needs to reply. This can lead to awkward silences or several participants trying to speak over one another, depending on whether people assume you were addressing them.

Have Ground Rules

Failing to set clear expectations regarding how participants can act during a virtual meeting can lead to issues. For example, if you don’t explicitly state that handling other activities – like reviewing email – aren’t permitted, some of the participants may perform tasks that distract them from the discussion. This can hinder the flow of information dramatically, so, if you want everyone’s full attention, it’s wise to bar that activity.

Setting ground rules essentially ensures that everyone is on the same page and embraces best practices. Along with banning multi-tasking, you may want to require people to mute their mics when they aren’t speaking or participate from a quiet space (or, at least, make a valiant attempt to eliminate extraneous noise). That way, everyone can stay focused.

Embrace Brevity

Staying engaged during a virtual meeting can be challenging. As a result, you want to make the experience as short as possible. Plan your talking points in advance, avoid tangents, and interject if other participants get off-topic.

The goal should be to cover the information as quickly as possible, ensuring everyone can learn what they need to know and move on quickly. Otherwise, the experience may drag on, or the conversation may lose relevancy. In the former case, productivity is diminished. In the later, the discussion isn’t providing any benefit for many of the participants, harming engagement, and even leading to frustration.

Ultimately, all three of the tips above can help you improve your virtual meetings. When used together, they can help you keep your conversations on target and enhance the experience, ensuring the sessions provide participants with value and aren’t overly disruptive to their day.

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