How to Act When You Are the New Employee Among the Workforce

When you’ve landed one of the amazing jobs in Willoughby, Ohio, it’s normal to worry about making a good first impression. While you’ve already met the hiring manager, you may not have been introduced to the rest of the team and other employees. 

During your first few days, you’ll meet plenty of new people, so being at your best is a must. If you are trying to figure out how to act as a new employee, here are some tips that can help you make the best impression possible. 

Smile, Make Eye Contact, and Engage 

Whenever you meet someone new, make sure to smile and make eye contact as you greet them. This makes you seem warm and open, which works in your favor. 

Additionally, when you can do so naturally, repeat the person’s name after you’ve been introduced. When you do, you are creating a strong connection and may increase your chances of remembering their name later. 

Finally, take the time to engage in a brief conversation. Ask about the person’s role in the company or if they have a tip that can help you excel. You’ll come across as genuine, curious, and interested. 

Accept Invitations 

If you’re invited to a lunch or to grab a cup of coffee with someone, say “yes” as often as possible. At a minimum, it helps you come across as agreeable and creates opportunities for you to get to know a colleague better. You may also end up meeting additional people this way, and broadening your circle during your early days with the company can be a smart move. 

Ask for Help, But Don’t Complain 

As a new hire, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for help. If you are given a new task, or can’t find a resource you need, reach out to a coworker and request guidance. It’s better to take a moment to ask a question than to guess and later find out you were wrong. 

However, as you ask for help, avoid complaining. While you may feel uncomfortable in your new role, you don’t want to come off as negative or ungrateful for the opportunity. 

Be Professional and Respectful 

When you’re a new hire, make sure you treat every person you encounter with respect. Treat each one as if they were the CEO of the company, regardless of their actual position. This ensures you approach every conversation with an appropriate level of professionalism. Plus, since you are meeting new colleagues, you may not know what roles every person plays, so erring on the side of caution could ensure you avoid a painful misstep. 

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